Songs greyed out / Track not available / The track cannot be played (djay iOS)

I’m running into a serious problem. To avoid duplication, I try to describe as precise as possible.

  • djay for iOS Version 3.8.6 on iPhone 13 Pro Max, running iOS 15.3.1
  • I’ve created multiple playlists and added songs from a file share. These songs are not DRMed. These songs are not iTunes or Spotify songs or from any other (commercial) service. They are plain mp3 files, added from a local cloud share I operate myself.

In one of the playlists, all songs are greyed out. When I tap to load, an error prompt pops up stating:

“Track not available. The track cannot be played because it is not available.”

Interestingly enough: When I tap the three dots, the songs do play back in the preview window. Tapping “Load Song” in the preview windows yields the same error message.

  • Removing and re-adding individual songs does not help.
  • Removing the entire playlist and re-adding it, does not help.
  • Creating a new playlist with a different name and adding the same songs, does not help.
  • Force quitting djay and restarting does not help.
  • Restarting the iPhone does not help.

I’ve read elsewhere that there might be an issue with corrupted meta data that djay stores for these particular songs in its internal database. As an explanation this does make sense. If stuff got corrupt in djay’s database and the database entries do not get removed when I delete the songs / playlist through the UI, the corrupt data will cause a problem, whenever I add the songs back.

Do you guys have any ideas? Is anybody from djay around to look into this?

hey r2square,
You said “not iTunes” but are you using iTunes to manage your own music?

No. iTunes is not involved at all. I add the music from a NAS device. Plain mp3 files.

Hi @r2square,

Thanks for posting this question/problem in our Community.

Could you please tell us how exactly you’re mounting the NAS on your device? Could you also please make sure that you’ve mounted the NAS share following these steps (in Files) before trying to play the songs in djay? Connect servers or external devices with Files on iPhone – Apple Support (UK)
After that, creating a “My Collection” playlist should work as explained here:

Let me know how it goes.

Cheers, G

Sure and thanks for joining the conversation!

I’m using a Synology NAS. Synology offers a feature called Synology Drive. It hooks into iOS as a regular File Provider, exactly as iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and others do. So in djay on the iPhone I do

Tap to load > Playlists > Pick or create a playlist > Add from Files…

This launches the OS-provides File Picker sheet. Under Locations I find iCloud Drive, Drive, Dropbox, On My iPhone etc. I select Drive and browse to the respective mp3-files.

So in essence, iOS abstracts away the File Provider used under the hood. To djay all of these options are exactly the same.

I do believe, it has to do with a corrupt database entry or a database cleanup task not getting finished correctly.

One more remark: I’ve got hundreds of songs added exactly like this that still work seamlessly.

Hi @r2square,

Thanks for your detailed response.

If I understand correctly the problem is not in your NAS or in Synology Drive because it’s actually working with other songs, right? Does this problem only happen on certain songs? Does it happen with old playlists? Or does this happen with your entire library? Have you recently updated your NAS OS?

You could try to reset your library ["djay Media Library "]. On every launch, djay makes a backup and keeps the last 10 copies. You can access the backups directly in the Files app under On my iPhone/iPad > djay > User Data :

By removing/renaming/moving this file you reset your library. Afterward, simply reimport your library from your NAS.

Let me know how that goes.