Problem after update to new OS Ventura 13.5

Hi folks,

Controller : Traktor s4 mk1, Pioneer XDJ RX
Apps : Djay pro AI 4.1.10
I have big event in saturday on Jakarta,
but i need help.

before upgrading OS, i dont have any problem, but sometimes got trouble that djay ai detect MIDI but doesnt detect any event, so i just restart my djay ai apps and its working again.

but after upgrading OS, i was do restart in apps level, or restart my mac, its not working again, djay ai was detect my traktor but no event can be recorded.

is there any issue on new OS ventura?

Note :

  • on Traktor apps is working well
  • on Traktor Controller editor all button event is working well and detected

Best Regards,

Allan -

IG @allan.dipat

@never00miss hopefully you have a Time Machine or other backup of your system with the previous OS. If so, I recommend rolling back. Also here are some other general software related tips.

Hi @Slak_Jaw

so there isnt any suggestion recommendation without rolling back?
i mean this is related to djay ai pro that dont have standard quality.

its said that its work on ventura, but please,
dont give promise like apps support without quality checking first by checking generally based on official supported dj gear like this page said

so sad that big apps like algoriddim dont improve for standard on quality control.

best regards,


@never00miss perhaps Algoriddim staff will chime in with some other suggestions, but those are mine. Unfortunately, bugs are a part of software development. Algoriddim is a small company and it’s not always feasible to 100% prevent bugs from slipping through. Especially with all of the possible software and hardware configurations out there. So, in my experience, it’s best to take control of this stuff as much as you can. My recommendation going forward, is to always have system backups and never update before an important gig.

Hi @Slak_Jaw,

no offence, but thanks for fast reply,
i am a programmer too, so i was do some trace why the midi not detect,

and i got solution that “controller editor” apps on [midi port] must goin to [internal] on ventura.

now my traktor s4 mk1 working well.
thx for your advice, maybe next time i will do backup first.

Best Regards,


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Perfect. Glad you found a solution.

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