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I recently posted some general hardware advice and tips (General Hardware Advice / Tips) and thought it could be helpful to provide some software tips based on my last 5 years of DJing with djay Pro. Please note I’ve mainly used djay with Apple Operating Systems and only briefly on Windows. I have read most of the posts in this forum so I think I have a decent understanding of the main issues with Windows and Android though.

  1. Turn Off Automatic updates for your Apps and OS.
    a. Especially important if you rely on djay professionally or earn money DJing. Take control of when you perform updates. The last thing you need is a major bug with an important gig on the horizon.
    b. Do not rely on Algoriddim to squash bugs in time for your gig.
  2. Backup before Updating: before updating your OS or App, perform a full system backup that allows you to rollback to a version you know is stable.
    a. Don’t rely on iCloud backups as these are automatically overwritten and you’ll lose your stable backup version.
    b. Algoriddim does not provide rollback versions of djay so it’s up to you to create these yourself.
  3. Update 1 Device: If possible, only update and test a single device at a time.
    a. I perform on iPad, so I always update and test djay on iPhone with my DJ hardware before updating the iPad.
  4. Don’t Update before a Gig: I don’t care how tempting the new update features are, DO NOT update before a gig without a backup or thorough testing first.
    a. There are simply too many hardware and software combinations out there to rely on Algoriddim and this community to find all potential bugs for your specific setup.
  5. Apple Software: If you can, stick with the Apple versions of djay. While Algoriddim does support Windows and Android, and I’m sure there are people using these with success, it’s very clear where the development priorities are. Certainly the Apple versions are not without their issues, but in most cases, djay simply works better on Apple. EDIT Aug 04, 2023: Algoriddim just released a beta update for Windows which looks like a huge improvement.
  6. Bug Reporting Details: Finally, when reporting bugs on this forum, always include at least a. to d. below in your original post. Algoriddim Support will ask you for this no matter what, so you might as well save you and them some time. The support team is quite small and busy so replies often take a while.
    a. Computer, Tablet or Phone Model:
    b. OS Version:
    c. djay Version:
    d. Connected DJ Hardware Model and Firmware Version:
    e. Are you using Stream Music or music stored on the device?
    f. Is the bug repeatable? If so describe the steps clearly and provide screen shots if possible.
    g. What has changed recently in you setup that could be causing the issue?

As I said in your hardware thread. This should be pinned to the top of this forum

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Just to be extra clear, although it’s obvious for technical peeps, DO NOT INSTALL BETA OS VERSIONS if you’re depending on your setup.

They’re beta for a reason and bugs will be included in major upgrades. These don’t necessarily have to be bugs that Algoriddim can fix either, as they could just as well be bugs in the OS frameworks.

The underlying technology that DJAY depends upon often gets pretty radical makeovers from one OS version to the next. In this case, unless a workaround is possible, the developer can’t do a thing as they have to wait for the OS vendor to fix the issue in a future OS update.

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