Problem with connection of DDJ-400 and DJAY Android app

I have problem with connecting of my DJ contoller. I am new into this, so I may be doing rookie mistake, but I have not found any questions like that on the internet and I am getting quite desperate.
I have DDJ-400 and full version of DJAY android app on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro.
I have connected my mobile with my controller via adapter (via pictures).

The controller is powered now, but when I do something (for example move with crossfader) it does not do anything in the app.

Thank you in advance for help

Hi @tomifaj,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to the community.

I am sorry but we are not supporting the DDJ 400 natively with our Android App at the moment. I pushed the implementation of the device internally.

On another note, we are currently working on a new Android version and would like to invite you to join our beta program:

Thank you very much.
I´ll definitely try the testing version

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Have you found a solution ?
Is the testing version of the app working to control the ddj-400 with an Android device ?

Hi @Azerty,

The DDJ-400 is still not supported on djay for Android. But thanks for sharing this request with us again. We’ll push this topic internally and keep you guys informed.

I bought a DDJ 400 for the same reason, to use with my Samsung Galaxy. Can’t seem to get it to work with any apps, any advice on how to get my phone to recognise it?

Your app is the best guys thank you so much

Thank you once again

The best for phones, I love it

Hi @Lukas_E, @Guillermo, is the DDJ-400 by now supported in the Android App? Or is there a beta to test? Thanks!

Hi @janeich,

The DDJ-400 may work when connected to some Android devices. However, please note this is not official support. This may still happen on some Android devices, but MIDI via USB cable should work. Please be sure to power up [12 Watt] the controller through a USB-C adapter.

Hope I could help.

Is this only for stock android phones? Its too sad to hear that Djay wont work with my device. I was checked the support for DDJ-400 in some pages of your Algoriddim website. It was listed as supported. Now Its not working at all for me with Android 11. I’m really dissappointed. Do you have any method or link as unofficial support? I need to make it run:/



Did anyone manage to get the Android beta version to work with a DDJ-400?

If so can you share how you did it please?

I’m not even sure what usb adapter will work to make the connection between my Android device and the DDJ-400.

As far as I can tell, even the beta version isn’t compatible with the DDJ-400.

Also, question for the Algoriddim team: any news on the release date of Android support for the DDJ-400 please? I would love not to buy an iPad just for this.

Thank you!

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Hello! I was wondering if the app supports the ddj-400 now, I’m really considering on purchasing the pro version but I’m hesitant due to this compatibility issue, I’m using a Xiaomi Redmi note 10s

Plss add ddj 400 to your app for adroid pllsss

Even the supported controllers don’t work on android so there is very little hope for getting an unsupported controller working.

Have you tried using PIONEERS WEDJ app?

I have a Samsung A52s and the app recognizes the DDJ-400 controller and can be used.
The only problem is with Android from Samsung.
It does not support multi-channel.
Multichannel not working properly on Samsung Galaxy s10 · Issue #943 · google/oboe · GitHub

Therefore, it is necessary to use the split output audio trick for the pre-cue and then operate in mono mode.
The limitation is: you must have cues on the output and use Traktor For iOS : Traktor DJ Cable | Traktor for headphones
Use only one channel at the output for the amplifier (the other is used for the headphone pre-cue).

One more detail, I tried the new beta and I couldn’t find the split output option there, and the PRO version also disappeared :frowning:

“I currently have this issue with no sound. The sound from my Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra doesn’t come out of the console through the RCA cables. Is there any advice for this?”