Problem with spotify on Mac Book with DJ pro,no log in on Spotify possibke

I cannot log in with dj pro on Spotify with my Mac Book pro 2008.Until today there were no Problems with spotify.Now come a white Window when i want to log in on spotify.But without any Text or log in data

I am also having this problem and am also using 10.11.6 … hopefully you can solve the issue so that we can continue to use DjayPro…we love the software otherwise.

It seems to be a temporary server based issue with the login window that occurs on older macOS systems. No need to upgrade your macOS if your computer doesn’t support it (generally we recommend always updating to the latest djay and OS versions though). In any case, we are on it.

The login issue on macOS 10.11 has been fixed now.

Great, I’m glad to hear it’s all working for you, Ingo. Thanks for lettings us know.

Hi Ingo,

I am very sorry to hear that.

We would need some information to better understand the problem.

-Which exact djay version and macOS version do you use?

-Are you able to log into Spotify via your Webbrowser?

Also, could you please try to Reload the Login Window and see if you are able to log in afterward?

In order to do so please right click the window and select “Reload”.

I hope this is helping.


Lukas E.

Hi Guys,

Thank you for your replies. 
We are at it. So far only devices with macOS 10.11.6 seem to be affected.

If updating your macOS is an option for you we recommend doing so.

Cheers,Lukas E.

No ,i had done it already,everytime the white Window reload,but i can‘t give in my lock in Data

I work with DJ Pro one on my mac book,it seemed that i have to buy DJ Pro 2

I install it new now and hope it works,i write again after it.

I use 10.11.6 IOS and After i installed all new,my dj Pro Version one even not works with Spotify,the log in from dj pro one not works.I log in on Spotify direct and it works fine.I have the newest Version.So i think i must buy the Dj pro 2.But what when there is then the same problem ? I have the dj pro 2 on my iPad and it works perfect with Spotify.When i buy it for my Mac Book and it not works i become my Money back ?

Every Time the white window come and there i cant make any log in words.There were no log in Data also after i reload it.

Also i logged out on Spotify on all other Accounts(phone and iPad)on their Side.But it helped not

Thank you

It works for so many years and now since yesterday they have a problem with the log in.It logged out buy the App him self,when i make a mix,and then i can“t log in on spotify anymore…When they don“t make an Update i never buy dj pro,that it is.

I had bought an Abo on Dj pro,but now i had end this Abo to the end of 2019.And so long that Problem with the spotify log in with a Mac Book is not solved i buy nothing new from Algorridim.And to my friends who use it I tell the same.With no Update it is uninteresting.

When there is the sane problem on DJ Pro 2 then it is uninteresting for me to buy it.

They are at night I think

On an Mac Book Pro from 2008 is the iOS 10.11.6 the highest you can install,so it is not possible to solve this problem with the spotify log in from our side.We can’t update on an higher iOS.And I buy me not a new for more as 1000 €.So I must search for an other Dj App that works with spotify.I have done all what I can do but the problem with the log in to spotify with the DJ Pro 1 App is not possible…I don’t know what we users can do.I think without an update from Algoriddim for the app it is not possible to log in in Spotify with Dj.

They say that this problem not exists at 10.14 or higher.
So with a Mac Book Pro from 2008 with 10.11.6 it is not possible to log in at spotify with the DJ App.
What I not understand is that it runs for a long time and from that time to last Friday it was not a problem,and now it is ? That I not understand.For me it seemed that this problem is not on our side.While I was playing dj with spotify DJ logged out at spotify himself and after that I can’t log in again.It seemed that it is a Problem of the DJ App.I don’t know,but it seemed that Algoriddim had changed something at the app,so that a log in at spotify with older Mac Books is not possible