Problems con BPM


When a lyrics song does not mark the actual BPM, Ej, I’m sure that is 128 bpm, but appear 72 after analysis,

you can do something about it?

thank you very much!

Hi Daniel,

If a song has been analyzed with an inaccurate BPM, you can tap the beat yourself:

  • click on the displayed BPM number
  • tap the beat by clicking on “TAP” until the newly calculated BPM result is correct

How can we get the BPM count, that is created or updated by DJay, show up in iTunes??

For example, a song has no BPM in iTunes. iTunes is not open. In DJay, the song is analyzed and a number is added to the BPM field in DJay. I close DJay and launch iTunes. The song that was updated in DJay still has no BPM count in iTunes. I can open and close either program, and the BPM will only show itself in DJay . . .

How can we get this to show in iTunes??

Never mind . . . I found a link to the answer (I Think):…

Thank you !!