problems on djay pro windows

1: Spotify downloads half of the song, song just restarts, yes i have spotify premium
2: recording is a pain in the … it records but the tempo is like 20 times slower
3: buyng before testing thats stupid from me

Yup, Feel pretty ripped off actually. Seems Algorridum wont support their products.

On two separate occasions I’ve had this software crash multiple times at the same event. 4x at an art expo and 2x at a house party with a guest dj.

Lesson learned, but maybe you guys should drop the Pro part of the name so that other Djs dont have to find out the hard way that this software is still in Beta at best.

An update is in order… (meanwhile, everyone at algoriddum ignores another thread and writes Djay3 {coming soon to the app store}) I’ve bought 4 different versions of your software to date… But F$%K you guys, I’m done! Concentrate a little more on making your customers happy and little less on selling software. You guys rarely even so much as reply to these forums. And, still haven’t fixed the mapping for the Mixon 4 for djay pro for Ipad. Seriously, what do you guys do?

I really mean it. Done.

I’m a long time Pro user running off Ipad and Reloop BP2 controller - never had any issues - just got pro on my £2500 Dell Precision Xeon in readiness to run on Dell Canvas, but PC version so far = absolutely awful. Stuttering audio, crashing on track load. I’m a fan of the app but not in this form. Won’t be switching from my old Ipad setup any time soon. Serato or Rekordbox do not give me any problems on my laptop. Would hate to think about moving away from a platform I’ve learned from scratch on, but feeling so disappointed right now, have to consider it…

Hey there,

we are very sorry to hear that.

  1. We are aware, that some users have to deal with this problem and we are doing our best in order to find a solution for this.
    Is the Spotify application running flawlessly on the same device?
  2. That sounds odd, can you please record an exemplary video of the explained behaviour and send me the file via, Subject “To Lukas E. Recording Slower URGENT”. Thank you.

The issue is that there are no updates since a while…

And still no update…

The issue is the amount of updates, problems do exist even on Serato and Traktor but their updates are so much more frequent…

I had loads of problems with djay pro on windows 10 however u do need Spotify premium and yes u can record just relax and think of the work-around if your using a controller it’s far easier. Spotify sometimes when loading but just reload the song and finally if u haven’t got windows 10 v 1703 DO NOT TRY TO DOWNLOAD CREATERS UPDATE this is biggest problem above all and I’m afraid DO NOT USE EXCLUSIVE MODE as things will freeze or slow down apart from that top software. I imaging algoriddim know about theses issues but have done SFA about it so far I do have faith that things will get fixed however if by end of year it’s still having issues I’m off to serato

Update pro is working real good and no issues whatsoever however still not using creators edition on windows as screws everything up. Now just need Spotify to play off line and that would be good t go

If you dont have premium you cant even load a song the thing was that it only loaded half the song if i put exclusive on in settings it works

Ok to use spotify with djay pro you must purchase the PREIMEUM level it wont work on free account or student account

I have the same issue with spotify.
Tracks go to 2min 32secs a reloop

Same here with spotify heres quick vid
cant check recording I wont buy for now.…

Lol you right
i connect bluetooth speaker and check microphone output it working as should be
so version of windows does not matter (i don’t update windows since 2016 upto last montht)
its something with on board audio
hers my mobo fyi: z87-hd3
hope it will be fixed someday

Bought DJ Pro for my Dell XPS laptop (top spec) to use as backup to DJay-2 on my iPad Air 2 (I was doing a party with many guests, and I didn’t want to take any chances). I like DJay Pro on Windows 10 but I get the same thing - I load a Spotify track (I have Premium) and the whole waveform shows and the track starts when I hit the button but then it just freezes after a while - sometimes as little as 2 seconds in. That deck is now unresponsive and useless until I load another track.

I’m not sure if Exclusive mode will work for me as part of the appeal of running it on Windows is to flip between other programs for content (for example - whisper it - YouTube) when ‘difficult’ guests request things that even Spotify doesn’t have (YouTube has everything, as we all know).

I don’t expect the £44 pro version on a £2000 laptop to be less reliable than the iPad version.

djay unprofessional would do it too :smiley:

awesome! thanks a lot algoriddim

i have the same problem. The song restarts after 5 minutes. But I found some kind of a workaround:
When my pioneer DDJ-controller (wego 4k) is connected as extern audio device, it works. even if the song is still playing. Unplug the USB cable and the audio changes from external speakers to the laptop speakers and the song jumps directly somewhere in the first 5 minutes. Plugging the USB again, external speakers turn on and the song is at the right point.
The same effect has setting the checkmark at “Exclusive mode” in audio device settings when the DDJ-controller is not connecetd. BUT: The sound changes in a very bad, compressed, telephone-like sound. So, software developers of algoriddim (and Lukas), use this information, do your job and make it work.
The midi-mapping for ddj-wego-4k is also not as it should be, by the way. with the ipad it works, but that’s not the topic here and i could change it by myself.

And there is the next problem… I used the software yesterday for nearly 10 hours. It crashes 3 times. During the show. That’s not acceptable. It freezes or the app closes itself. Or both. Do I really have to be afraid, that suddenly the music stops and I have to take something else with me as a backup…?

… and why is it not possible to unable keybord shortcuts? using the search function (btw, not every track on harddrive is found by the software. with the windows explorer i can find them… in the same fodlers…) is a little adventure if I don’t hit the search field…