Problems signing in to tidal on Android version

Hi! I’ve paid for the full version of this and have an pixel slate which runs the Android version of djay.

When I try to sign in to tidal on the app, it opens a chrome browser window, signs me in , then goes back to the app, but hasn’t signed me in at all!

It works okay on my mobile (also android) but I really wanted the extra screen size to work off.

Does anyone know if/how I can fix it?

Thanks, Alan.

Get an iPad?
Couldn’t resist. Sorry (not Sorry):
algoriddim puts significantly more time into the Apple orchard of machines. They may or may not have a solution for you now or sometime.

Hey @Alan_Lewis ,

Thank you for sharing what you have experienced with your Google pixel slate and djay.

Since this particular model was discontinued in 2019 by Google, I would recommend double-checking if the Android OS you’re currently running properly supports djay and Tidal.

Hope this information helps. Cheers!

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Hi, thanks for the reply, it’s a chrome OS based device which runs Android

The tidal app works fine, as does the rest of the DJay app, just not the
sign in to tidal element.


I’d also add that the TIDAL app works fine too… It seems that the DJAY app is not listening for a response from Chrome when it jumps out to the browser for sign in confirmation.

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Hey @Alan_Lewis - I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues signing into TIDAL with djay with your Pixel Slate.

However, if it is working on your other Android device; unfortunately, there is no solution.

djay is not natively compatible with chromeOS, even if it runs Android. I truly apologize for the inconvenience and wish I had a better answer response for you :slightly_frowning_face:

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or suggestions regarding djay on your other device, though! We’ll be more than happy to help.

:laughing: but I see more threads regarding problems with iOS than I see with android.

do you think that might be because there are simply more users there than on Android? I do.

Not sure, have you counted?

Either way, the problems still exist.

I read one thread where an ipad user had issues with Tidal where tracks would only partially load.

Then there is login issues with beatport

I’m confident saying most djay users play with equipment from Apple’s orchard. It’s very well supported, whereas with Android hardware, there is much more an element of chance as to whether the app will work (as advertised, or period). There are updates, as there are for the Windows version I’m sure, but it’s very clear the vast majority of dev work at algoriddim is aimed at Apple products.

The first problem you mention is configuration error. Upcoming changes with Tidal because of the MQA bankruptcy are already supported on djay for Apple (likely, but that’s an assumption on my part knowing CoreAudio has been able to handle 24bit/192kHz FLAC for quite a while…I want to say iphone 4 and whatever iOS that was), so the integration will likely get tighter, especially under iOS/IPadOS 17 and the MacOS equivalent, and that issue will disappear.

I Can’t speak to the beatport issues as I am unaffected by them. (I’m also not affiliated with or employed by algoriddim, so I’m a bit confused why you’ve chosen me to have this convo with when the Algoriddim staff are easily reached here - Are you considering switching hardware platform or just here to point out deficiencies?)

No no, I’m not considering switching hardware or here to point out deficiencies.

Alan originally created this thread because he was having difficulties signing into Tidal on an Android device.

Subsequently, this thread has nothing to do with ipads, iOS etc. This is solely about a bug with Android, so I’m confused as to why we are having this convo as well. Doesn’t really seem to be the place to be talking about ipads.

I’m sure Alan is also not considering switching hardware, otherwise he wouldn’t be here asking for help with his android device.

I am able to sign into tidal just fine so maybe the issue has been fixed. Using Tidal, the songs load quickly and correctly and the djay app itself works fine with my Samsung tab S7 plus.

Jumping on an android thread and saying “buy an ipad” isn’t much help to anyone really.

As previously stated, my Tab S7 plus doesn’t seem to have some of the problems that ipad users seem to have but I won’t be jumping on those threads telling ipad users to buy android, I’m sure they want to stick with their ipad and work through the issues that they have with the devs.

@Alan_Lewis, looks like the devs might have fixed your issue.

So Djay has been downloaded 10 million+ times from the google play store.

There are also 194k reviews on the google play store.

The apple store doesn’t give a figure for the number of downloads. (You might be better at finding that statistic)

There are 11.6k reviews for Djay on the apple store.

So the app has been reviewed nearly 17 times more on the google play store compared to the apple store. Whether or not that is a true reflection of users, I’m not sure but it certainly seems to suggest that there are more Android users and that the apple orchard might not be quite as big as you thought.

And the reviews on the Play store - mostly favourable?

I haven’t read all 194000 reviews but djay has 3.7 stars out of 5, So yes, that would mean that they are mostly favourable.