Problems signing in to tidal on Android version

Hi! I’ve paid for the full version of this and have an pixel slate which runs the Android version of djay.

When I try to sign in to tidal on the app, it opens a chrome browser window, signs me in , then goes back to the app, but hasn’t signed me in at all!

It works okay on my mobile (also android) but I really wanted the extra screen size to work off.

Does anyone know if/how I can fix it?

Thanks, Alan.

Get an iPad?
Couldn’t resist. Sorry (not Sorry):
algoriddim puts significantly more time into the Apple orchard of machines. They may or may not have a solution for you now or sometime.

Hey @Alan_Lewis ,

Thank you for sharing what you have experienced with your Google pixel slate and djay.

Since this particular model was discontinued in 2019 by Google, I would recommend double-checking if the Android OS you’re currently running properly supports djay and Tidal.

Hope this information helps. Cheers!

Hi, thanks for the reply, it’s a chrome OS based device which runs Android

The tidal app works fine, as does the rest of the DJay app, just not the
sign in to tidal element.


I’d also add that the TIDAL app works fine too… It seems that the DJAY app is not listening for a response from Chrome when it jumps out to the browser for sign in confirmation.