Problems with Djay and Hercules inpulse 500

Hi all,

so far I really like Djay Pro for iPad! But I have found a few issues with the officially supported Hercules inpulse 500.

  1. FX Switch Buttons not working: this bothers me the most currently:
    The inspire has dedicated FX Buttons (1-4 for BOTH DECKS). When pressing one the fader knobs actually becomes the FX knobs and this is highlighted via LED.
    On Djay nothing happens when pressing this button (also LEDs on buttons not working which is important because they act as a FX toggle).

Even with manual midi mapping it is not possible because the four fx buttons are for both decks and the fader knob is actually fader AND effect (if FX is toggles as explained).

Hopefully my explanation is clear - I admit that FX handling is a bit special on the inpulse 500.

  1. Big LEDs which show which deck is playing not working: the Hercules has some really nice and big LEDs (the deck numbers) which should indicate which deck is playing.

  2. Music selection knob LED not working - this one actually should pulse with the beat (and different color for each bar and even “mood”).

  3. Beatmatch Guide not working: Hercules has a little red arrows in beatmatch guide mode which indicate whether tempo is too fast/slow and whether tracks are in sync.

Thanks for your help!

Having the same issues here.
This is a software issue and can not be solved by manual mapping.

Hopefully this will get solved by Algoriddim.

I am considering switching to Serato which supports all functions of the Hercules inpulse 500 natively.

Hey, wanted to know if you figured out a solution for your problem ?

No solution yet in sight also no comment :frowning: really looking for a comment from Algoriddim.
Also thinking about not extending the subscription for Djay which is really unfortunate…

313 Djay Pro AI has updated the inpulse 500 mappings ie beatmatch guide features, deck lights 1 and 2 etc. Please note however any attempt to customise the duplicated midi map Djay Pro AI crashes out on save (reported to Algoriddim)

Found same issue. Play button and Cue button for Deck1 unable to play/cue.

Hey guys,

In the last update, we improved several things on the Hercules Inpulse 500 mapping. This included:

  • FX Select buttons
  • “Quant.” button activates the newly introduced quantization
  • The Deck 1 and Deck 2 LED now works

I’d like to point out that on djay, the filter knob does not change the FX-parameter or the dry-wet knob when FX active as in other software. The filter knob in djay always controls the LP-/HP-Filter.

As @david_rush2 said, there’s still a crash when switching between MIDI mappings for this controller. This should be fixed very soon. We’ll stay in touch with you guys about this here. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

@cik3n the issue you’re reporting seems different from what the others are saying. Could you please follow the “I can’t control djay using my controller”-steps from our Controller Troubleshooting Guide. Let us know what exact mapping you’re using and whether your controller actually sends MIDI commands through MIDI Monitor. Thanks in advance.