Purchased Djay Pro for Win10 and it keeps crashing.

This software is useless if it keeps crashing in the middle of a an event. Can I get a refund for this? I can’t find any solution to the problem anywhere.

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For me it’s always a gamble if djay Pro successfully opens. Sometimes I have to launch it several times until it makes it without freezing up. It’s very finicky. I wonder if this Windows 10 UWP that the Microsoft Store pushes is just a lousy platform.

It’s sad that I felt safer DJing a party using djay 2 for Android rather than this unstable Windows 10 version, despite pitch lock or FX really pushing the poor Pixel C tablet to its performance limits.
Now that I own a Serato DJ Pro license that came with my Mixon 4 controller, as well as a Tidal subscription, I’m not likely to run djay Pro again until it undergoes a significant stability overhaul and matches its features to those of the iOS version.
I’m very satisfied with my first few weeks of trying Serato for Windows. It runs stable on sufficiently powerful hardware. On an i5, pitch locking or FX can cause stutter if the latency is set too low. Of course I immediately jumped on the free offer of Serato Play, and suggest everyone to do the same. I already purchased the FX Pack, Flip, and Pitch 'n Time expansions.

Yes, for a few months now Serato DJ has Tidal and Soundcloud Go+ integration. Unlike with Algoriddim djay that allows logging in to multiple streaming services, you need to choose in the settings which one of the two streaming services should be accessible in the library. I went with Tidal but I can see how for some DJs SoundCloud might be the preference.
My Mixon 4 controller is foremost a Serato controller that unlocks Serato DJ Pro when plugged in to USB. At the same time it is also fully mapped for djay Pro and several other DJ programs. Before getting this controller I was using djay on Android tablet only with a USB audio interface. Never got the Windows version to run stable enough.

If that’s where your crash happens then perhaps you can try that. If the program freezes up when you start it, there’s not really anything to do but hope for an update that addresses this. And I feel very little development effort for the Windows version. Unless it is focused on getting a djay Pro 2 for Windows 10 ready for release, which I would welcome.

Hi Ceal,

we are very sorry for that. Testing the stability is on our agenda and any suspicious behaviour is very to our interest.

Please let us know if you see a pattern.

Hi guys,

I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing this inconvenience. So let us investigate why djay is crashing on your device.

In order to find the root of the issue, we would need to look into an exemplary crash report.

You can generate it by following these steps (don’t worry, it’s a very straightforward process):

  1. Open the Windows registry editor (Start > Run > type regedit.exe and press Enter).
  2. Make a Backup copy of the registry:
  3. Select Computer in the left column.
  4. Click on File in the top toolbar.
  5. Select Export…
  6. Choose a location and a file name.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Navigate to following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting
  9. In case there is no key named LocalDumps create one:
  10. Right-click Windows Error Reporting, go to New, and click Key.
  11. Type LocalDumps and click Enter.
  12. In this key, add the following values (right-click > New):
  • Create a String Value named DumpFolder with the following Value data: C:\algoriddim (via right-click Modify…)

  • Create DWORD (32-Bit) Value named DumpCount > right-click > Modify… >decimal > Value data: 10

  • Create DWORD (32-Bit) Value named DumpType > right-click > Modify… > decimal > Value data: 2

  • Create DWORD (32-Bit) Value named CustomDumpFlags > right-click > Modify… >decimal > Value data: 0

  1. Restart the machine to apply the changes.

Now, just follow the steps within djay that lead it to crash. Once djay has crashed, you will find the report in the folder C:\algoriddim

If you send it to me, I will forward it to our developers so they can investigate this issue.

Cheers,Lukas E.

No replies either? Nothing from the support email either. Seems like the worst money ever spent on anything audio/dj related so far.

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• Which device do you have?
Lenovo Yoga 900 13ISK-2
• Which OS version is running on your device?
Windows 10 with the latest updates
• Which djay version are you using?
Djay Pro for Windows 10 ver 1.0.26524.0

Additional description:
I put spotify on “play” all day yesterday. About 12 hours continuous. Nothing ever failed.
I opened up Djay Pro and started getting screen flickering, the sort you would get if the cable was shorting. I checked the cable and it’s in good condition, plus it only happens with Djay Pro open. Nothing with only spotify playing. Then, the playlist in Djay Pro gets to a certain song and it can’t load it. Started the program again after restarting my laptop and it gets to another song and it looks like it’s playing, but there’s no audio output. Nothing shows up in the gain meter inside the program either. Then, I start it up again after yet another laptop restart, and set it to automix again (these are all on automix) and then the program crashes to desktop. This all happened within about 2 hours. There’s no way I can show up an an event and have to restart my pc 3 to 4 times within two hours, leaving everyone in silence. I have a big even coming up and need something that actually works.

I never got a solution to the problem. They asked for a video of the problem, but I’ve not gotten around to recording it. It’s a random problem, it might take 2 hours of recording just to capture it. I’m not a fan of this software’s customer support.

I see even Spotify has given up on DJ Pro… For me, it worked perfectly on my Windows 10 laptop up until two months ago, and since then the problem has become more frequent. It’s now at the point where the software is completely unreliable, and cannot survive an hour without crashing.

I also notice that this problem has been apparent for at least a year, so why are we all suffering the same fate, and yet nobody appears to have resolved this.

This software is clearly not fit for purpose on Windows machines, so why are you still taking people’s money???

Btw, since Spotify announced their upcoming split from 1st July, I put Tidal on a month’s trial, and the problem persists with their music too.

Very, very disappointing, and not far off being a rip off.

If anybody from Algoriddim actually reads this thread, I would be very interested in a response please, otherwise I think we should collectively complain to Google, and have the software removed from their store.

Thanks, and good luck to all

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I notice the crash usually happens if a song is still loading and you are trying search, add one or if you basically try moving something on the app while the song still loading. Is there a patch or fix for this?

Is this sorted as a lot of people have the same issues

I think you guys should hook up a windows laptop and press play then welcome to our world u can then send crash reports to yourselves all day long

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I don’t know how to break it to you but here it goes. I love this software it has good features up to date spec very stable and uses your local files and Spotify. You can adjust beatgrides on the fly readjust bpm add your own samples and has a barrage of custom samples as well. Slicing is a dream as well as beat jump and it’s so easy to use straight out the box. Now the bad bit… DO NOT USE IN ANY WINDOWS BASED PC OR TABLET IT IS NEVER EVER STABLE. You might get away with it if you have a i5 or i7 spec pc but even then you never know. The only thing I personally have had no issues with is on an iOS or OX system. The reason for this is that algoriddim built this system from the ground up on apple hardware and the windows software was to extend it out to make money but check the support and the complaints they never fix or are very very slow to address issues on windows. My advise either up spec your windows pc, grab an iPad 4th gen onwards or get a MacBook…Sorry

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What’s the spec?

You have to use a GENUINE COMPUTER made by Apple to use Djay Pro.

If you use a FAKE computer made by Windows or Dell then it will crash!

Hope this helps.

I switched from Mac. I have an authentic windows laptop purchased from office max.

Did u ever get an answer because i have the same problem


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