Purchased iTunes Match and still having problems with DRM

I purchased iTunes match, uploaded everything to the cloud. I downloaded via iCloud to my iPad. In the Apple Music App, the problematic songs play fine. In DJAY 2 I still get the DRM error. Any fixes?

Hi Simon,

Please try the following on your iPad:

  • go to the Music app
  • swipe your finger on the song and hit “Delete”
  • tap the cloud icon to re-download the song
  • try playing it again with djay

In this case, please do the following on your Mac:

  • open iTunes
  • go to one of the songs
  • ctrl-click on it and select “Get Info”
  • take a screenshot of the “Summary” tab

By the way, the Music app supports DRM-protected songs whereas djay doesn’t…

Hi Daniel,

Have you tried the following steps on your iPhone?

  • go to the Music app
  • swipe your finger on the song and hit “Delete”
  • tap the cloud icon to re-download the song
  • try playing it again with djay

Are you using iTunes Match?

Is iTunes Match enabled on your iPhone as well? Go to Settings > Music.

In this case, please send an email to support{at)algoriddim.com so we can troubleshoot the issue together.

Do you receive the same error message as the original post?

3rd-party apps have no access to iCloud songs. There is nothing we can do about this.

Can you please try the following?

open iTunes on your computer

find one of the affected songs

ctrl-click on it and select “Get Info”

take a screenshot of the “Summary” tab

Thank you for the quick response. I tried your recommendation but still no luck. I also emptied my iPad, reloaded via iCloud and I have the same problem. The same songs play in the Apple Music App, will not play in Djay 1 or Djay 2. Any other recommendations?

I think that it has to be a bug inside of the djay application.

I use djay 2 on my iPhone and also on my iPad, have iCloud storage for music and cannot play 50% of my music on my iPhone bacause it tells me that there is a DRM protection and djay app cannot load the tracks. On my iPad I am able to play everything without problem. So there is not problem with DRM protections like djay says. In the past I was able to play all my songs on djay.

Whatmore this problem appears also with tracks that I ripped from my CDs (without DRM protection) and uploaded on my iCloud.

Does anyone know the solution how to play all my tracks also on my iPhone?

Thank you,

Hi Warren,

I tried to delete several times several songs, restarted Music app and restarded djay app but doesn’t resolve anything.

The unplayable songs in the playlist are written in gray color (those that work are white). When I want to play them I always see the “Could not load track” DRM-protected error box (or otherwise not available).


Yes, I use iTunes Match. In the past I never had problems with it. Only after I had to switch my iPhone device, I have these problems.

Yes, the iTunes Match is switched on.

I’m with you guy. I have 7,000 tracks up there, with another 7,000 in the works. It appears iOS keeps the track info on the local device. Other apps can see the 7,000 track titles. Why can’t these guys make that local iTunes Match track list available, let you pick the ones you want, and then play the selected music? It shouldn’t be this hard.

Look. guys… This thread is 8 month old!! I have the same problem and there is stil no solution??
I totally refuse to delete files and reload them from itunes match…

I have a new iphone, everthing newly downloaded and 80 % of the library is non playable??? Everything came from itunes match. ?
Any solution.

Dear Warren,
thank you for your help. I get the standard DRM and icloud message.
I have already deleted all music on my brand new iPhone and now am doing a re-download. The tracks that I have tested work fine.
What I do not understand is. When I setup this iPhone some weeks ago… I think it pulled the info all from itunes Match. So… why did some songs appear with DRM problems?
Anyway… I am NOT blaming you for not making Itunes match streaming work… It is technically clear that this will never work.
However with a plain vanilla iphone, all songs from iTunes Match… the thing should work out of the box.

Ok… So now… a week later. I have deleted all my music on iphone and redownloaded. the first album I test looks like this screenshot. Some tracks are dimmed, some are not. This album was bought a year ago on iTunes… so no way it could still have some DRM of any kind.
For me the app is unusable now… pity…

I do have the same problem. I bought an album yesterday on itunes and 10 tracks on 30 can’t be played, saying that there is a DRM error. I checked on itunes and there is no DRM protection on any of these tracks!