Quality of video output from Djay Pro

I’ve been playing around with the video in Djay Pro connected to a Sony HD TV and I’ve noticed that the video quality on full screen display (either on the Macbook display of connected external) is pretty poor and pixelated.

What is the quality of the video output supposed to be? I can’t find any settings in the preferences that allow for an HD video out even if the source video is HD.

Is it limited by the software or by the graphics capability of your hardware?

I’m running a late 2009 Macbook Pro with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB graphics card and 8GB RAM.

If the video out can’t be a reasonable quality then it’s sort of pointless having the functionality. Has anyone else experienced the same issue?

Then the video portion is unusable.

Take it out because no one can or will use it.

Either get it right or don’t do it. Why does EVERY other dj software do video correctly and Djay Pro limit us?

Starting to get VERY frustrating again guys!!!

Nothing happens fast, so don’t hold your breath.

I’ve noticed the same thing. Using 2010 Macbook Air, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB

This totally sucks… I’ve read through it all and I’m glad I did. I’ll be buying something else…sorry you guys will have to start over… nature of the business, I guess!

Same here, video output not as smooth as it should be. Also video in 4:3 are converted in 16:9 and not automatically recognised and adjusted. Please fix this, I have some customers happy to buy my services but at the moment I can’t sell this as it is! Apart from this the software is awesome and I love it!

So is the answer that day pro delivers the highest video quality possible within the limits of the hardware that it is being run on?

djay Pro generally delivers 720p (16:9). Using low performance devices, djay Pro delivers 180p.
However, it is not possible to adjust these settings within djay Pro. 

Unfortunately, the average Mac performance limits the video Output to 720p. So far, it is the maximum that can be delivered.

Any update on this? The general product is excellent but display to a second screen is very poor on my i7 iMac. iMovie and other apps run smoothly so why not DJay Pro?

An improvement in Video resolution for Vjay is essential. 720p HD videos should be clear on a 40" monitor. Unless you’re VJing for yourself and watching it on your iPad screen, you know that this app needs some improvement to make it fully functional at parties & other live events. A higher resolution version of Vjay, with a larger library of visual loops and some more visual FX options would be worth paying for!

What’s up with this?
The talented coders who created the iPad Vjay app clearly have the talent to create higher end, higher cost versions that take advantage of the power and resolution of a MacBook Pro.
I also think they can either code it themselves or farm out the task of a PC version.
Our audience demands HD quality. VJays & DJ companies expanding their range of services all want the simplicity and easy workflow provided by an intuitive app like Algoriddim’s Vjay.
Whoever can provide this makes the money off their software.
Who’s it gonna be? Are there any talented coders out there?
I love the work I’ve seen so far from Algoriddim (the 4 track Djay upgrade, for example), but I’m not the only client who will jump ship if the upgrades we need fall too far behind our audiences’ demands.

Just being real,

I use Djay Pro on a Macbook Pro 2015, (i5 5th gen. Intel Iris 6100 1512MB, 8GB RAM), and I noticed the same thing, the quality of the video output is not the best and also the video output is not as smooth as it should be. I use 720p videos.

For me, the video quality is there…more a performance issue I guess. All my videos seem a little slow, not choppy just off beat sort of speak…

It’s just that…a settings issue. If you could set the limits then all is good.

I want to buy this app SOOO bad! Especially for the video aspect but the videos seem to be slower than usual? Is there a way to fix that? Quality is superb…just the functionality.

The video quality is poor. I have a 120" HDTV projector (1080p) connected to my MacBook Pro Retina with Quad Core i7 and 16gb Ram with NVIDEO 256MB Audio. When I play a music video using my HDMI output it is pixilated and laggy. If I open the same video in iTunes and play on the external monitor it is perfect.

I love the idea of djing with Video out, if done right. At its current state it is unusable. I have a gig at the end of the month where I need to play a video. I am going to have to burn it and bring a dvd player. Very bummed.

i have the same problem - very disappointed with this. I upgraded to dj pro on the basis I could play our music videos live - rather than having to DJ on my ipad and then play videos off my macbook in Keynote - very frustrated that the output is so poor that I will have to go back to using Keynote…

I collect clips video in 720p.
I have bought vjay, djay pro for ipad ans djay pro for Mac.
I have tried to read via AirPlay or HDMI … Impossible to get Video HD with the different products Algoriddim !
It’s OK with iTunes …
May be you cannot use, for the moment, Video HD with video transition fonction ?
Pity because it was one of the reason to use your products ;-(

With Djay Pro 2 for Mac allways the same problem : video 720 p not good ;-(