Quantise behaviour change to like in a DAW and most other DJ software

At the moment the way the quantise works on this app in my opinion is not really very usable. If I have quantise set to one bar and I hit had a little early, then the app moves it perfectly in time where it should be. However, if I hit the pad a tiny bit late, then the app moves it not perfectly on time but one beat later. In my opinion, there is no time with this behaviour would be needed. It makes no sense. All other DJ apps and DAW’s that I’ve used with quantise on do not do it. This way it is not musically correct.

If you would like to quantise to function in a musical way like in a DAW please vote.


Thanks again for the suggestion @Nubium. As mentioned in the other post this has already been communicated to the dev team.

+1 agree. Should always snap to the closest marker, whether human-error early or late. After all, this is what is intended to do — correct timing, not make it worse in half the cases.


Also @Nubium, here’s the original topic related to this discussion.

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Totally agree with you. Should be the nearest, not the next.

Where do i vote?

Top left of the screen. Big blue Vote button

Yes, I appreciate that. Thank you. To be honest I just wanted to see how important it was to other users and if it is important, then it may be implemented sooner.

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You should also be able to midi assign the quantize value. Sometimes 1 want 1 beat sometimes 1 bar. Midi control allows only the on/off.

Thanks for the additional suggestion @le3_dj

Yes should quantize to the nearest beat marker, forwards or backwards. Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software and the CDJs do this as well.

Why don’t you put a suggestion in for that? Have a search first though as it already might be requested. This thread is for quantisation. Only saying to help you keep forum tidy.

Also want to weigh in here to say that I would like djay to handle this differently. Here’s a reason that wasn’t mentioned yet (I think?): DJing is mainly about how it sounds but also about how it looks - and having to hit a cue point early makes us as DJs look weird, especially when we live stream but also when we perform and people look at us.


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