Quantized Cue Points

Older versions of Djay have the quantize to nearest beat marker option. Why doesnt’ Djay Pro offer this?

Thank you for the reply, but what about quantized playback for these cue points?

Yes and thank you for clarifying that, but equally important is when playing those cue points, I would like to play them in sync with the current beat.

Not even the Mac version has this. Also I am not sure the iPad version is “expected” to be used standalone… why would it support external hardware if it was?

Hi Alex, 

thank you very much for contacting us!
There are still quantised cue points when you set the cue points while the deck is playing. 
If the deck is not playing you can set your cue points where ever you want.
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This is really a showstopper, I thought this is a must for an Ipad application that is expected to be used standalone without any external jogwheels or turntables.
I really hope that this will be implemented soon (simple quantize checkbox with options like 1,1/2, 1/4 beat for cue points and in the slice mode)
Until then it is useless for any “serious” ipad djing.

I was not expected Mac version to had it as they should be more or less the same.
I agree that the support of the external device support indicates that it is not only ipad.
Maybe it’s just my point of view that I think that the available controllers barely cover the impressive features of Djay pro, so I do not consider to buy any that I don’t use for laptop djing as well. I wanted to just add audio interface to split audio and anything else do on Ipad pro.
Also the markerting for Ipad pro was then clearly misleading and tried to demonstrate that Ipad pro (with keyboard) and audio splitter are just enough.

Anyway comming back to main topic as I was just trying to support the main idea.

There is a question on the top asking why there is no quantize (I think Alex and others would appreciate an answer), just please don’t tell me that is because of MAc version doesn’t has it either, because that’s just the same story.
If you don’t plan to implement this feature (because it’s “complicated” or not needed by the majority of users) just say it, so I have no longer any expectations.

Thanx and regards.

P.S.:Sorry for beeing rude or anything, it’s just dissapointing for me that 1 hour after spending money for an app I realize that I will probably not use it.

Need the Quantize/Snap to beat also please :slight_smile:

I think everyone needs the cue points to be quantized. Please Algoriddim do us this usefull favour and help us!