Proper Snap and Quantize Control

When setting Cue points, we need them snapped to the grid (quantized). That should be an On/Off behavior with MIDI control and a screen/menu option. “Snap” mode sounds good (and familiar) for this. I believe it should be On by default.
This has been requested in the past here:

and in others too

The other desired option would be to have a playback mode without Quantize - e.g. to allow finger drumming with instant triggering, w/o the quantization. This would be Quantize On/Off, again with ability to set it through MIDI command and a screen/menu option.

+1 for this suggestion. Yes please allow us to turn quantize on/off with MIDI and the adjust the quantize value between 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 and 4 beats in the settings. Thank you.

Honestly I can’t believe djay still hasn’t sorted out proper snap/quantize… If any dev reads this, here is what needs fixing, I’ve been asking about this for ages… You can test yourself:

Say I have a track playing and another track paused at a cue point. Sync turned on for both tracks. I am free to trigger the paused track with whatever timing I like, tapping out a rythm etc, and although it will initially launch with the timing of my press, it will then align/snap with the NEAREST beat of the other (already playing) track on the first beat after launching. That’s all fine. We really should be able to have our cue triggers quantized at the point of launching but I can live with it snapping at the first beat after launch.

But now let’s say I have both tracks playing. If I launch a cue in one of the tracks it no longer snaps to the NEAREST beat - instead it now snaps to the NEXT beat. This means if my timing is late by just a few milliseconds, the track will be nudged forward out of sync by one whole beat.

There is no reason anyone would ever desire this behaviour, users would always instinctively expect that any sync feature would correct timing to the beat NEAREST to the trigger.


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