Proper Snap and Quantize Control

When setting Cue points, we need them snapped to the grid (quantized). That should be an On/Off behavior with MIDI control and a screen/menu option. “Snap” mode sounds good (and familiar) for this. I believe it should be On by default.
This has been requested in the past here:

and in others too

The other desired option would be to have a playback mode without Quantize - e.g. to allow finger drumming with instant triggering, w/o the quantization. This would be Quantize On/Off, again with ability to set it through MIDI command and a screen/menu option.

+1 for this suggestion. Yes please allow us to turn quantize on/off with MIDI and the adjust the quantize value between 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 and 4 beats in the settings. Thank you.