Question about Tidal Folders

Will Djay for iOS handle Tidal Folders?


Hi @DJ.DD,

Welcome to Algoriddim’s Community Forums and thanks for sharing this request. While support for this new TIDAL feature won’t be immediate, I’ve passed this request to our development team for future consideration. I’ll keep you posted when we have any updates about this.

Thanks in advance for your patience and support.

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Another vote for this - it’d be really handy :slight_smile:

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Yes please this would be extremely helpful!!

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Folders worked with Spotify and are working with iTunes. Can’t be a big deal in Tidal, can it?
Would make things much easier and bring lots of structure and better overviev in handeling many playlists… Thx
PS: In this step also enabeling Mixes&Radio playlists would be a great feature!

Another vote for this. Would be soooooo helpful. :pray:t4:

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Thanks for continuing to push this feature request! I’ll bump it up again internally with our Development Team, and keep you all updated here. Thanks again for your patience and continued support. :headphones:

We record and put each night’s set into its own folder. This had gotten out of control in djay now.

Please, tidal supports folders now so djay please supoort it too.

Hi @John_Zealand-Doyle, I’ve moved your suggestion to this already existing thread on the same topic. Thanks for adding your vote for this feature request! I’ll keep this thread updated with any further developments. :pray:

Bump. +1


The use of tidal folders would be very helpful :+1::+1:

C’monn guys it’s late 2023 pleaase how can it be that there’s no way to set the order of the lists nor see the folders with the Tidal library! Not even to search in your own lists!! Keeping lists’ discipline and control are the basic needs for a DJ!Please! The Company of the Organized DJs ™️ would be extremely thankful!

@Manu_Huerta I could be wrong, but it’s possible that this is a limitation on the Tidal side of things.

  1. In the meantime, I recommend that you check out the My Collection music source in djay.
  2. In here you can easily create Playlists, Smart Playlists and Playlist Folders.
  3. One of the big advantages of using the My Collection source is that you can add music here from multiple sources like Tidal, Beatport, SoundCloud and music stored on your device. So your playlists and folders are not limited to a single source.
  4. My Collection also gives you the ability to apply multiple filters to your playlists like BPM range, Key, and Genre.

As an alternative, here’s how you can order the list.

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…another vote for this too! it would be very useful to create folders as djaypro doesn’t have an option to filter music in genres yet.

This is definitely a limitation due to Tidal, as the folders are not covered in their API.

VirtualDJ users were asking the same thing, but Atomix devs said they could do nothing until Tidal added info to their API.

Complain directly to Tidal.

It would be nice to see this feature in the next update. Potentially after TIDAL releases their new DJ add-on. Let’s hope :pray:

The more Tidal hear about this from you guys, the more likely they will do something. If you just sit back and wait for it to happen, it probably won’t. :+1: