Quirks with DDJ-SX2 and DJay on iOS

Last night, I attempted to record a mix with DJay Pro, the latest version, on my iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd gen.

During my recording, I’ve ran into some quirks. For one thing, I did not see the meters on each of the two channels I was using. The only meters that were active was the master.

Another quirk was the cueing of tracks. What is supposed to happen is that if I were to press cue on each channel and move the mix knob to cue, then I should hear from the cued channel. Instead, I would have the master cue engaged, then engage, say, cue on Ch. 1 without any output through my headphones, switch off the master cue, turn on Ch. 2 on and off, try Ch. 1 and finally hear the correct channel through the headphones. This is just one example, but channel cueing is inconsistent.

Finally, the last quirk is that when I do have the track playing become the master after mixing the other song out, I sometimes the volume is not quite where it needs to be, but a slight turn of the Trim knob to the right causes a volume jump instead of smoothly easing as the knob is turned.

Have any others of you ran into this issue, and have solutions to these? Thanks.

I’ve got the SX2 arriving this week….I’ll report back when I’ve hooked it up!


Sweet! I’ll be waiting. Thank you!

The volume jumping might be because your Gain knobs are not aligned with the software. It might help for you to turn off the option „Reset EQ, Effects, Controls“ (see screenshot)

Word of caution: I don’t have the SX2 so I might be off here.

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Sweet! I’ll be waiting. Thank you!

Hi There!
Thanks for the suggestion regarding the volume jump.

The “Reset EQ, Effects” option was never engaged. However, I did turn off both the auto-gain and auto-limiter, and that seems to have cured the volume jump. I just had to be conscious and watchful of the mix throughout and use my ears to avoid distortion and the like.

I’m still dealing with the flaky cue buttons issue, but at least they work, albeit not quite the way it should.

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Hey @Velanche_Stewart,

We’re glad to hear you actually figured out the issue with the trim. Auto-gain changes the trim of the tracks for you. It sets it relative to the volume of the other deck so both songs play at a similar level. But when you move the trim-knob yourself, this jump may occur because auto-gain is suddenly deactivated.

Your issue when Pre-Cueing is weird. You do not move the HEADPHONES MIX knob at all, right? You have it all the way to the left, correct?
You should then be able to pre-cue as expected when pressing the CUE buttons of each deck. Is this not the case?
If I understand correctly, you need to have MASTER CUE active, then activate CUE on Ch. 1 (nothing plays then?), then turn off the MASTER CUE, turn CUE of Ch. 2 on and off, and then you finally get to pre-cue Ch. 1?

I’ll leave this screenshot here for reference: