RANE 70 support

Hello, I just bought a Rane 70 tring to use it with djay pro, the page of algoriddm says that is a supported model but I found this things that are not working:
I believe because I have to use as an external mixer the faders and crossfader dont move inside djay, I try to map the faders, but if i do this the cue dosent work, so the faders in djay have to be all the way up to use the cue in the mixer, the cross fader doesnt show that is ok but i cant use cross fader fussion.

The software effects can´t be triggered from the mixer.

The auto bpm of the mixer doesnt work I have to tap manually.

Is this ok?, or im missing something.

Thank you.

Are you sure you are using mac, ipad or iphone?
Correct USB connections?
Good dongles (if any)?
Everythign updated to latest?

Hello @Armigo thanks for the response, yes i´m using ipad pro, djay ai updated, rane firmware updated, The Rane mixer i´m using is the seventy.

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yes my friend, I mapped if you want I can upload the mapping to djtechtools so you can use it and maybe modify it. but the thing that really annoys me is the effects, yes you can map them, but no knobs, so i have to use another controller, the twister from DTT, That way I can use the effects, but if you double tap FLEX FX doesn’t get you to DJ Pro Effects, I saw another post here that a guy that has the A-trak version get it to work, so I believe the staff here can do something to fix it. Here I send you the post Im talking about it.

Do you use Rane with Serato? I have never use serato, I was a Traktor user for long time then I moved tu djpro, but I bought the Rane 70 because I saw it in the supported model’s of DJAY Pro, but It is not.

With the mapping I done and the twister Is pretty good, But i know could be better if the staff fix this.

Also I use Phase, and Im getting sticker drifting… :frowning:

Yes I do. Works great.

On the other issue I was having yesterday with my ipad…

Sorry, eventually i got it to work on the ipad after afew hurdles. Strange behaviour, in that at first it refused to work as explained, then after I downloaded somebody’s map files here, it statted workign and the default mappin re-appeared from nowhere. Now is fine.
I should probably delete my comment here.
Thanks to @DJTonyBlanck 's map file

Also the software Effects and The auto bpm?