Looks like they are from what I’ve seen on you tube video on Mac

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Aha yes, I see that in this video at 2:41. Awesome!

I’m new to this software since its suppose to have the four support but only thing i can do is control the faders and crossfader. nothing else works. i have to load everything manually on screen. am i missing something? I’m on PC.

Hi @Stews_CustomFigures,

Sorry to read you’ve been experiencing this issue.

We’ve passed this along to our engineering team for further review.

In the mean time could you please share the following information with us?

  1. What version of Windows are you using?
  2. What make/model Windows machine?
  3. Are there any additional details you can share?



cool. thank you for the reply.
I’m using Lenovo - Windows 11 12th gen i7 16gb ram - nvidia geforce rtx 3060. so far playing with this I managed to get the R-four to act like a standard mixer and can use my Rane 12’s in place of the controller functions. my Rane 12’s work just fine with the djay software, just wish i can get full control of the R-four. i figured out how to map a few buttons but that is a tedious task. i have the latest firmware on the four. my other 2 dj software’s work great with the controller and i wanted to give this software a shot.

figured out the problem. i plugged my four into my laptop and everything worked. plugged back into my pc to try and figure out whats different. i had to get rid of saved backup files and bam! it started working. playing around with it now and notice that not everything plays as described, so i need to get use to the functions of how it works with the controller. for example, the stem split for one doesn’t go back to channel 1 like it should, it stays on channel 3.the pads for stems only has 4 pad functions. i guess everything i come across i will need to do a custom map.

I have to say, this program is unusable to me on the four. the mapping seriously needs work. cant even use the scroll knob in a playlist i put together. and no mapping to do so. cant even export the playlist. this would be a great software for a touch screen computer or do everything using mouse clicks. not me. waste of money now. this probably wont get addressed until next year with an update.

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Stem Split does not disable.
EQ button does not work on Stems.

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Are the commands midi mappable?

Hi. I use a Rane Four. It works for 95%. What dosn’t work:

  • Shift&Cue = EQ Button Neural Mix (Should work with new Firmware)
  • Sample Names in the small Displays on the right Side are wrong
  • Sampler to Channel 4 Button Don’t work
  • Split Stem Buttons can not be Disable

The Shift & Cue button gives you a Midi Feedback. But the EQ Knobs dont.

Oh hopefully there’s a fix to that in a future update…
On the Rane One, approx. 95% of the buttons/dials are give a midi command,
The same with the Denon Prime Go

@Slak_Jaw & @NathanielAlgo Do you know, if the Team already know this Bugs?

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Having issue with Rane Four midi not being found on my iPad but audio has no issue

Hi @Erick_Heikurinen, please note that the RANE Four is not supported on iOS or iPadOS. This device is not USB Class Compliant so it is not compatible with iOS/iPadOS devices. However, we encourage users to reach out to the hardware manufacturer and ask that support be added for iOS/USB Class Compliance via a firmware update. Thanks.

Hi @djsepp, thanks for the follow up on this. I have passed this onto engineering to see if they are aware of the issue and if not, if they can replicate it. Thanks again!

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Hi again @djsepp, I spoke with engineering and they are aware of everything you listed.

  • Shift&Cue = EQ Button Neural Mix (Should work with new Firmware): Will be supported in 5.2.1
  • Sample Names in the small Displays on the right Side are wrong: Is being worked on
  • Sampler to Channel 4 Button Don’t work: This is a known limitation
  • Split Stem Buttons can not be Disable: Will be fixed in 5.2.1

Great News. So I have another Question. The rane has the option for scratch bank (I think only in serato), not used in djay. My idea is to map this to instant fx function in djay. It works really well, and also on the small displays it shows “instant fx1 - fx8” is written - but not the name of the effect. Can you tell the team, if it is possible to display fx name (maybe I little function in the Midi file)?

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Thanks for the suggestion @djsepp. Good idea. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration.

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