Rane One Fx mapping problem

I just received the Rane One controller that I marry with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and found out mapping problem on the FX section.
FX 1 to 3 is mapped to Djay Pro AI FX 1 to 3 of the left deck and FX 4 to 6 to Djay Pro AI FX 1 to 3 of the right deck.
So, for instance, if the Rane One FX 1 is on, activating either the left Effects Toggle or the right one will activate the Djay Pro AI FX 1 of the left deck !
And I didn’t find a way to solve this problem in the iOS mapping menu.

There is an other problem with Djay Pro AI iOS on iPhone 12 Pro Max.
In the Midi Mapping menu, touching a button on the Rane One doesn’t call automatically the midi line.

Yeah, it seems a little better in the latest midi map, but you still turn on both sides with one paddle?

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Would like to hear if there is a plan to address this. DJay is declaring “official support” for this expensive controller, but the FX controls are seriously hobbled by the means by which they can be mapped. Both paddles do the same thing!

I picked up a Rane One controller yesterday and I have been able to map it just about perfect…Most of it was good already but I made a few changes such as,
I only really use 4 cue points so I mapped Cue points 5,6,7 to switch the Neural Vocals, Harmonies and Drums on each bank. I left Cue 8 as a spare cue point…
I also mapped the High Eq knob + Shift to fade the Vocals.
I might do the Mid and Low to do the Harmony and Drums…
I don’t really use saved loops so I mapped those pads to the 8 Instant effects…
The only things that are glitching are,
Pressing Shift + Motor Off doesn’t stop the platters from spinning and work like a normal controller, Not a deal breaker but wish it would function…If I try to press the Shift and Motor off button in Midi learning mode it doesn’t trigger any command…

Another issue I have, and I don’t know if there is something I’m doing wrong in the settings, Is that every time I load a new track, the Gain settings don’t correspond with the Gain knob position…the other faders do but not the Gain…Hopefully someone will chime in and tell me if I’m doing something wrong,and speaking of Gain,really wish you could kill the gains much like you can kill the EQ bands now…

And finally, Please allow for mapping of the Record function…

This program is really god but just needs a few more refinements…I have now paid for the Pro subscription as well…

Ok just an update on two of my previously mentioned issues…

I have been able to sort out the Gain issue by enabling Pick Up Mode in Advance Control Configuration, this allows the gain to stay the same as the gain position,but still wish it would kill the level when turned to the left…

I have also found the midi mapping function to enable the Record function…
I mapped that to the Tap button…(Don’t really have use for the Tap function)

I have also just realised that I am having the same issue as Julien,
FX1 to 3 apply to the Left deck and FX4 to 6 are for the right deck but either the left or right toggle will activate both decks.

Algoriddim staff, can you please comment on the FX mapping to Rane One paddles? In what way can we properly utilize each paddle for independent functionality?

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@Guillermo, can you answer the above?

Hi guys,

Thanks for pushing this topic through our Algoriddim Community.

I’d like to point out that this is the current expected behavior on the RANE ONE controller. Unfortunately, the FX activation process can’t be re-mapped through MIDI Learn on iOS nor Mac. Furthermore, as far as we understand, this is also how the RANE ONE works on other DJ software.

I’d like to thank you guys for sharing your thoughts about this on this thread. I’ve forwarded this request to our developers and they’ll work on a fix as soon as it’s possible. I’ll get back to you guys as soon as there’s any news about this.

Cheers, G

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Hi @Guillermo, thanks for looking into this with the devs. I can confirm it isn’t how it works on other software though.

With serato for example, 6 different FX can be assigned to the individual FX buttons on the rane one.

If I were to press fx button 1 it selects that particular fx, then using the left paddle would activate it on deck one. Using the right paddle would activate it on deck 2. This means 6 different fx could be applied to each deck using the rane one.

With djay, only 3 can be assigned to each deck as mentioned in the first post.

I can see why djay works like this, the software currently only allows 3 fx to be applied to each deck.

I can try to find a video showing how it works with serato?

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Hi @Private_Repress,

Thanks for explaining how this works on Serato.

Your feedback is really valuable to us. We’ll look into this.

I’ll let you guys know as soon as something changes in the FX Toggles of the RANE ONE.


@Guillermo no problem, if you need anything else please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m all for trying to help you improve an already brilliant application. :+1:t2:

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@Guillermo, I want to be sure that the above is understood by the developers. Not only are we limited in DJay to only 3 or less effects per deck, but also we are not able to independently apply effects to each deck based on which paddle is used. The paddles become completely redundant, either (or both) resulting in the exact same effect applied to the same deck. As previously mentioned, this is not how the Rane One was designed nor how it operates with other software such as Serato.


We totally understand the issue @djsteve, and we’ll work on a solution for it as soon as possible. We kindly ask for your patience while we do so.


Long time Dj and Djay user here and was using the Mixon 4 and just received the Rane One over the weekend. I too am following this thread very closely because I’m still trying to figure out the best way to configure and map the effects section and paddles on the Rane One and confused. I was thinking compatibility and the map was plug and play but found the effects section was completely unmapped. Thanks for the thread and a big thanks to the developers as this is a huge feature we need a resolution to please.

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@Terrill_Marshall The best way I’ve found so far is mapping the top 3 fx buttons to select an fx for Deck A. The remaining bottom3 select an fx for deck B.

It means you can only have 3 FX for each deck. Either of the paddles will activate the FX you have selected using the FX button.

For example, I choose FX 1 on the top row of buttons, this is assigned to deck A, but can be activated using either paddle. Far from ideal! But the only way I could make use of the way it has been developed.

If this doesn’t make sense I could post a video?


Hello, and totally thank you for the response! I don’t know if its my unit or the djay software is not recognizing my FX 1-6 as midi so they are unusable for me? My idea was similar to your map the FX 1-3 buttons to toggle on for Deck 1, and FX 4-6 for Deck 2 and then map the Mic 1 and Mic 2 rotors as the corresponding parameters since there are 6 of them but thats out the door because I can’t use the FX buttons.

Actually, can anyone else confirm on their Rane ONE unit if the FX Buttons 1-6 are midi mappable?

As Private Repress mentioned, I too have Midi Mapped FX 1-3 for the left deck and FX 4-6 for the right deck…Unfortunately the way the App is, either Paddle will activate will activate the effects… So the left Paddle will activate the deck on the left as well as the deck on the right…as does the right Paddle activating either deck.

I have Fx 1 and 4 set to Echo,
Fx 2 and 5 set to Flanger,
Fx 3 and 6 set to Echo Out,
However I have Midi Mapped the Parameters buttons on each deck to be able to cycle through and change Fx 3 and 6…

I have also Midi mapped other buttons on the Rane One to make it work better for me, although like others here, I’m having problems with the Sync and Pitch faders…

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I hooked up Serato and my effects buttons do not work. Turns out I have a defective unit out of the box, and will hafta wait a couple of more months for an exchange to arrive, ugh! Its taken me since March to even receive this one!

I did some tinkering and figured out the paddles, you will have to remap them again because I think the Djay software may be buggy related to the initial map. I made sure to remap Deck 2 to “FX Activate” and go into the advanced buttons settings and change the behavior to “hold” (I don’t know why it works but it does) and only for paddle 2 do you need to change this behavior. Now when I trigger my left paddle the effects trigger for Deck 1 and right paddle for Deck 2. If my effects buttons worked I would have them mapped appropriately to turn on each effect for each deck but I cant fully test it. Hope this helps and maybe someone else will give a try and let us know if this works for them.

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Hey Terrill, On your advice I tried to replicate your settings but they don’t appear to work with me…
Correct me if I didn’t understand you properly but I Mapped the
The Right Paddle on the Right Deck (Deck 2) to FX Active and changed the button to Hold and left the Left Paddle setting as is which in the default settings is Target-Deck 2 Action-Not Set (This is the default setting for both Paddles BTW) and it doesn’t behave as we would like it to…

In this setting, either Paddle will still activate the effects on the deck the FX are switched on only that if no FX buttons are activated, the Paddle will enable an Echo effect but that turns off as soon as an FX button is activated and switches back to the FX that has been selected…
I know, sounds confusing but I have tried various different Midi settings to try to get this right but I think it’s up to Algoriddim to get this sorted…
Having said that, I don’t find this to be a critical issue (although of course I hope it will be fixed soon) as it’s not that big of a deal to me if either Paddle will activate the effects as long as FX1-3 activate Deck 1 and FX4-6 activate Deck 2…
The other issues regarding Sync issues, floating tempo and in my situation, the Pitch Range automatically and randomly setting itself to 75% even though the setting shows 8%…

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