RANE ONE glitches since 4.0.3 update

In all honesty Emily, all they need to do is re release 4.0.2, that would quickly fix the Rane one issues and only Rane one users need to update whilst Algoriddim find a fix for 4.0.3,

New update is out, anyone tried it yet?

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Not yet, Im a bit afraid to :joy:
I’ll try it on my backup ipad which has 4.0.3 later on this afternoon and get back to you…
Problem is that in quick testing, I might not be able to see if there are any new issues even if they have fixed the current ones…

I’ve took the plunge… so far it’s not fixed any of the issues I’ve had. There’s a new one though :man_facepalming:t2:

Deck B has very bad cue point drift, I mean really bad. I’ll raise a new ticket with a video.

Gutted, I thought the update would be to address the issues

@Private_Repress thank you for the separate threads about the issues you’re seeing with drift and the EQs jumping.

Are you still seeing any other issues with the RANE ONE?

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Where do you want me to start?
If you read through the thread, we have already stated the existing problems and it appears that not only did those problems not get resolved with the latest update, but extra problems were created…

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Hi @maurizio_T,

First of all, thanks for all of your helpful feedback about the RANE ONE existing problems up to this point, on this thread as well as others here in the Community. We really appreciate it!

That said, as we’ve just released the 4.0.4 update with some fixes to the RANE ONE functionality with djay, could you please confirm that you’ve updated to this new version? If so, are you saying that none of the issues you’ve outlined in this thread have been resolved? Thanks in advance for the clarification.


At the time I replied, I hadn’t updated my backup (test) iPad but only read what Private Repress had experienced as we both have a similar set up…
I did update last night and it appears to have fixed the main issue I found which was the cue pads flickering randomly every time I pressed the track select knob on the Rane, it basically looked as if the Rane One was switching itself on/off every time I tried to select a track…

I can confirm that with 4.0.4, that appears to have been fixed…

I haven’t put it through it’s paces to check for any other bugs though but as Private Repress’s videos show, there clearly are some still there…

The one gremlin that is still present and although being annoying, is not overly critical is that the issue I am still having as of 4.0 which is using the track Search function.

Example, If I have a track playing on Deck 1 and I use deck 2 track select knob to bring up my library, when I type in a track that I am trying to search if I then select that track it will try and load to the deck that is currently playing which would be Deck 1 in this case, I do have
“Protect Active Deck” selected in settings so it doesn’t actually load but it is very annoying,

The only work around is either to use the instant doubles feature and then for some reason it allows the searched track to load or select the load track icon on the actual iPad itself…
Note this glitch only happens whilst the iPad is in Portrait mode (which is the way I prefer to use it)
It doesn’t appear to be an issue in Landscape mode…

As noted here, it doesn’t appear to be a Rane One isolated issue…


maybe Today’s update v4.0.5 has that addressed?
They’re flying fast and furious, the updates lately. this is a good thing…algoriddim seems to have gotten all hands on deck!

The release note for v4.0.5 solely relates to a connection issue that has been addressed with the DDJ Rev7

while that’s what is clearly expressed, there may be other issues that magically disappear because of the focus on that fix. it’s not unfeasible - there IS an element of alchemy to coding. an update is an update, and until we can think exactly as computers do, we have to be open to and appreciate the occasional magic.

Was just checking back to see if DJAY/Rane one combo has been fixed and I feel so sorry for you guys, gig anxiety sucks. I really miss the stem manipulation and the beautiful GUI, but coming up on 50 gigs with Serato bug free really is worth its weight in gold. Can you guys just buy Serato and combine forces?

Still a subscriber and fingers still crossed!

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Haha, we miss you here buddy! But as you have seen, the more things change, the more they stay the same :wink:

The main reason I am still using Algoriddim is that it’s iPad compatible and l love the Neural mix function…

If Serato offered the same I would probably consider switching…


Mmm let’s hope the issues magically disappear

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Yes, “magically” indeed :joy:

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