Rane one paused track bug

Hi all,

I’ve found another issue whilst using the rane one.

  • Deck A is playing
  • Beat sync Deck B and press play
  • Hold the record on Deck B static whilst the platter spins beneath

The track from Deck B will start playing despite not letting go of the record.

To put this into context for a live performance, you want to drop the beat on Deck A in sync with Deck B with a bit of a baby scratch. If sync is on it jumps in by itself!

Anyone else having this problem?

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Yes, wasn’t sure if this was intended, but if you have active tracks synced and attempt to press play and hold one down, it will keep playing like you mentioned. Seems like it’s mostly scratch guys that are encountering these issues since we mix music differently.

There is also an issue when disengaging a loop from synced tracks if the down beat on one of the tracks isn’t assigned the bold white grid line on it (a thin one instead) where the track will jump to align the bold white grid lines. For example, if you have a chorus looped and synced to another chorus of a song, but the downbeat (bold white grid line) on one of the tracks is not set at the beginning of the chorus, when you disengage the loop, it will jump to wherever it the bold white line is set, and while the tracks remain synced the choruses are now misaligned (instead of the claps hitting simultaneously on the same beat, they might be one after another).

Apologies if this is kind of vague, it’s probably easier to show, so I will be making videos of the issue you mentioned plus this new one, in addition to the song drifting and strange tempo changes in the other thread we’re chatting on.

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Thanks @Juan-Tenorio_Benites, I’ll do a video of the issue I mentioned too. It’s so close to being great, just a few minor issues to iron out!

I agree though since deciding to start to learn scratching and beat juggling I’m finding more issues than conventional mixing.

That said I didn’t have any issues on my Pioneer DDJ-400

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I know it’s so close! Really do love it, but for scratching and on the fly mixing it’s really slowing me down.

Haven’t tried on another controller, although I do have an original DDJ-SX laying around somewhere so might be useful to benchmark. Thanks for the tip!

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Hear you both guys, Only wish Algoriddim staff would here us as well…
I have yet to try out this issue but I will and see if I can replicate it as well…

Hi @Juan-Tenorio_Benites & @Private_Repress,

We appreciate your collaboration in helping us improve the RANE ONE mapping.

It would be great if you guys could record a video of the issues you have described. You can upload a video to a service like YouTube or upload it directly to our Dropbox.

@Juan-Tenorio_Benites, Could you please tell us what SYNCing settings you have selected on the djay PRO AI General Settings?

@Private_Repress, Are you re-reporting this issue we already discussed in this thread? Rane Twelve Mk2 and Rane One - Cue Points are slipping out of positions. - #9 by Private_Repress

Hope to hear from you again.

Cheers, G

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Hi @Guillermo this is a different issue to the cue point drift. Please check out the video, you can see that deck B cuts in by itself whilst synced, despite the fact I haven’t let go of the record:


I can confirm that the same issue is happening with me.
The only way to stop that issue from happening is to Uncheck ‘Maintain When Paused, Scratching or Jumping to Cue points” in Settings/General/ Sync Mode.
This somewhat solves this issue although when the track that is playing is released, it isn’t automatically Synced with the track playing, and you must quickly click on Sync mode in order to have the two tracks in Sync with one another…
It would be much better if it would stay in Sync automatically when released which is the desired effect that Private Repress, and probably others would prefer.

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Thanks @maurizio_T the only issue with that is, if I’m playing two versions of the same track, when I quickly hit sync it takes the second track to the exact same position as the first track. I don’t think that is expected behaviour, it’s effectively doing instant doubles


Oh wow. We’re sorry to hear you guys have had this issue. Thanks @Private_Repress for taking the time to record and upload the video. It’s really helpful.

We’re investigating this. We’ll keep you guys posted.

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Yes you’re correct, that would be the outcome if you had two of the same tracks playing…
On a seperate note, I have carried out an experiment using an older ipad 5th Gen that I had lying around which hasn’t been updated in a few months and that is currently running 3.7.5 and it hasn’t crashed on me at all after playing a set for just on an hour…
I do have the Sync setting as I described.
Cue points aren’t drifting, When two Synced tracks are playing and one of them is stopped, I’m not experiencing that momentary change in tempo, nor is the track moving when Sync is turned on/off…
The only issue with this version is that the Channel LED level meters don’t work as was corrected in 3.7.6…

The only glitch I did experience was that Tempo Range got stuck at 75% even though it was showing 8%…Turning the Rane One on/off reset that problem but at this stage it only happened once as opposed to yesterday where it was happening a lot using the newer ipad 6th Gen running 3.7.7…

Thanks Guillermo, These issues are making the App not usable with the Rane One.
I have been with Djay since 2013, first with the Numark idj Pro, moved on to the Reloop Buddy and just recently picked up the Rane One, and never had any issues whatsoever with the other two controllers…
Hopefully the will be a resolution with the Rane One…

Hi G–I initially had “maintain sync when paused scratching, or jumping, etc.” which I went ahead and ticked off, which has resolved the track playing while holding down the platter issue mentioned above.

But the drifting I mentioned in this other bug report thread https://community.algoriddim.com/t/strange-change-in-tempo-when-stopping-synced-track-and-drifting/14235/13 is still very much present. It’s especially noticeable when you loop a track, I am uploading a video below showing the same track being played on two decks, same grids, same bpm, etc. while looping a section on one deck and it just starts drifting away slowly from the same track without the loop…

the only way to prevent this is to lock sync in which I’ve never had to do on other software before…any ideas?


Can confirm this as well, it’s getting really confusing because a lot of it is unexpected. Spent a couple of hours trying to tackle the loop drifting as well and no luck still…

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Hey everyone here :wave: ,

The issue that @Private_Repress demonstrated on his video has now been solved on the latest djay for mac and iOS updates (versions 3.1.6 and 3.7.8 respectively).

The stuff @Juan-Tenorio_Benites reported here is being tracked in this other thread and is independent of the RANE devices. We are still working on this, we hope to fix this soon. We appreciate your patience on this matter.

Thank you all again for helping us improve djay!

Cheers, G


Great work @Guillermo and the team! Thank you so much for fixing, really looking forward to trying this out in depth later today

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