Rane Twelve Mk2 and Rane One - Cue Points are slipping out of positions.

Hello everybody.
I have these two Setups to use with DJAY PRO AI, Twelve MK2 and RANE ONE. Everything works very well, but the Cue Points tend to get out of position a lot. I train a lot of Scratch and this is really a nuisance for training. Does anyone else bother with this?


Hi Fernando,

We are sorry to hear you’ve had this experience with these RANE devices.

Could you please record a video showing the movement/drifting of the Cue Points and upload it here to our Dropbox?

We’d like to have a closer look at this behavior. Hope to hear from you again.

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Thank you so much for the attention of always Gillermo. I sent a video showing the details.

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Hi did you manage to get a fix for this issue? I’m using the rane one with an iPad and experiencing e same problem. An example would be queuing up the first beat to the 12 o’clock position. I hit play and use the tape marker to get back to that first beat after a few revolutions it’s slipped to the 1 o’clock position.

It’s making beat juggling near impossible :frowning:

Hi guys,

I’m experiencing significant cue point drift whilst beat juggling.

Current set up is:

Rane one controller
iPad Air 2020
Latest version of Djay

Essentially I’ll set the cue point with the rane one deck vinyl marker at the 12 o’clock, so the down beat kicks from that position. After a bit of back spinning and scratching, the cue point is progressively slipping from the 12 o’clock position to the 1 o’clock position. It keeps going the more as I carry one. This is making it near impossible to beat juggle and scratch accurately.

I’ve raised a ticket with Rane to see if it could be hardware related, but I suspect it’s the software?

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This sorted the problem out for me… at least it confirms it’s not the hardware. All jokes aside I really don’t want to go to serato. Just thought I’d test it. No cue point slipping.

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Hi guys,

@Fernando_Midi, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find your video in our Dropbox folder. What name did you give the video? Could you please try re-uploading it?
@Private_Repress, feel free to share a video of the issue occurring as well. Having a clear view of the problem helps a long way when it comes to diagnosing the error.

Hope to hear from you guys again.



Yes I’ll make a video today and send it in. The easiest way to reproduce it is to constantly pause the record whilst it’s playing. This will move the cue pint backwards from 12 o’clock position.

@Guillermo Here is a video demonstrating the issue

If you need anything else please let me know.


Hi Guillermo…
I uploaded a few times but even reaching 100%, the page doesn’t update, the upload never ends.

I put it in a Private way on youtube.

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I just received my MKIIs yesterday and ran into the same issue, but what might help is placing the provided spacers / washer from Rane underneath the slipmat. I feel as though the MKIIs come with a lot of friction outside of the box which cause them to drag the platters.

Not sure if this actually solves the issue, but it’s worth a shot. I have 3 spacers underneath my mats but have not been able to test enough. Below is a video of what I’m talking about:

Update I checked quickly with and without the spacers and while they do reduce the drift somewhat, unfortunately, there still seems to be drift…so not sure what to think. Next step is to test with Serato and compare

@Guillermo @Fernando_Midi Can confirm no drift with Serato either! Really don’t wan’t to switch back to Serato again though…

Hi guys,

Our developers are looking into this problem. We kindly ask for your patience while we work on a solution for this. Thank you for your understanding.

I’ll keep you guys posted with any news about this. We hope to fix this soon.

Cheers, G


Thank you for looking out for us scratch guys G–really appreciated!


In this last update of the APP, 3.7.7 I already noticed a considerable improvement. The Cue points remain longer in their positions. I appreciate the effort of the team.

Yes! This behavior should be fixed in the latest update (3.7.7.on iOS & 3.1.5 on macOS).

Let us know if you guys ever experience anything similar again.

The problem still exists on 3.7.7 for me :frowning:

Hey @Private_Repress,

We improved the precision and reliability of these RANE devices again on the latest Mac (3.1.6) and iOS (3.7.8) updates.

Let us know if the issue is still present for you in the latest version of djay.


Thank you @Guillermo, after a quick 15 minute session before work this morning it appears the 3.7.8 update has fixed the cue point drift! I’ll test more extensively tonight and report back. Thank you for attempting to address this issue!