Re-mapping controls in djay android

Anybody knows if it’s possible to re-map controls in djay for Android?
I own a djcontrolmix by Hercules and i would like for example to assing buttons for making loops with “in” and “out”


Hey @cronico ,

Thank you for posting this question here in the Community.

I’ll be happy to provide some clarification on the topic!

Although we offer midi mapping options with our app on iOS, MacOS, and Windows, currently, we are not supporting a midi learning mode for the Android app.

However, I already passed the request along to our development team for future consideration.

Our team is continuously improving the app, so your feedback is very helpful in ensuring future developments are aligned with the wishes of the djay community.

Hope you will find this information useful. Cheers!

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I am in the exact same situation. I just purchased a Hercules DJControl Mix and even bought the Android Djay Pro just to find out that the Bluetooth midi mapping for Android is not available.

I am very happy with the features of the Djay app, but it would be extremely useful to be able to remap the controller by implementing the Midi Learn functionality available in the iOS version.

For example, the longest executable loopsize is 1 beat, which is very limiting. Also the app has many great FX, but those mapped to the FX pad don’t offer much variety.

I feel it is quite misleading to advertise that the controller is compatible with both iOS and Android Djay Pro when these essential features are not available for both.

Thank you for reading and possibly considering this improvement.

Yes, i would pay for that. Please Algoriddim, consider including this
feature al least in the Pro version.

Yeah, i bought the pro version thinking i could do this, but you can’t even change the waveforms orientation, The ‘PRO’ on android is definitely not worth the money

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What’s the joke? I don’t understand :thinking:

“Our team is continuously improving the app, so your feedback is very helpful in ensuring future developments”

This is an acceptable comment if this was a thread regarding djay on IOS but this is thread is focused on the android version.

I have contacted the Algoriddim team regarding various bugs on the android version and I don’t even receive a response back.

The “set grid start” issue has been around for a long time now but nothing ever seems to get done.

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The joke is this app on android

I do quite like the android app. It’s perfectly acceptable and fun to djay on.

I have always djayed on technics 1210s and a vestax pmc-05 Pro III prior to using Djay. Obviously I love this setup but it does require manual beat matching, manually setting levels/gains, manually searching by hand through stacks of vinyl for that one tune and trying to get your vinyl in and out of those little paper sleeves :laughing:.

To add effects, I had to add a Korg Kaoss pad to my setup and I still didn’t have any way to loop parts of a track. I’m sure there are ways, i.e Novation Dicer, I think, not totally sure as never used it myself. Just means buying and setting up more equipment.

All this is obviously fine when you create a nice little studio at home but transporting turntables, mixer, vinyl (weighs an absolute tonne), kaoss pad, novation dicer, speakers, amp and lighting to a gig is hardwork to say the least.

I can use a tablet, midi controller and the djay app to perform a quite convincing set. Obviously I still have to take an amp, speakers and lighting if the venue doesn’t have these things but it’s still a much easier setup to transport.

I’ve had to create my own workarounds in order to use Djay in any kind of capacity. I understand that Algoriddim have had issues with audio routing on the android platform when using a midi controller but I have been able to find a solution to this. I obviously contacted Algoriddim for support but they just stopped responding after a short period of time and left me to figure it out for myself.

I’m fairly happy that i’ve conquered the biggest problem myself but there are still some small bugs within the app that need addressing. I feel like they would be fairly simple for the Algoriddim team to fix but they don’t even acknowledge my request.

Yes, I understand that they spend most of their focus on the IOS version, followed secondly by the windows version. People that use the app on these platforms get… well, i was going to say much better support, but i’m going to say support seeing as I don’t seem to get any, despite buying products based on information provided by Algoriddim, both on their website and google play page.

I aso understand that they get much better features in the way of neural mix but i’m not sure if I would use it that much anyway. I have tried it on the windows version and although it is very good, it’s not quite perfect when it comes to isolating vocals, drums etc. Don’t get me wrong, it is impressive and quite a lot of fun but I also see it as a bit of a gimmick and can’t really see myself using it much in a live set. If I was looking to totally remix tracks, I would probably use dedicated production software.

The android version is fairly lacking but still useable, it just would be nice if the Algoriddim team would give us a look in every once in a while and iron out a few bits and bobs.

Yeah but having a console and not being able to remap the controls, is not that much fun

All the buttons, knobs, faders etc are already assigned to the correct role.

I don’t agree that @SnAkEs1210
For example i find more useful the “in” and “out” loop generators than the 4 loops preseted. They don’t always match easily when you return to the song. In addition to this, it’d be interesting being able to choose your preferred effects instead the filter for example, wich you already have a knob for

There might be a way to decompile the APK, and look for the XML file that controls the midi mapping on the Android. I’m not even sure if it’s an XML file, or what controls the midi mapping on Android. But you would need to decompile, change the mapping and then recompile the app. In theory I think that should work I just don’t know how to do that and that’s what I’m working on if I find anything out I’ll let you guys know

Thanks for the idea, Patch_ed
Hercules DJControl Mix.djayMidiMapping (28.1 KB)

I’ve compiled djay app installed in my phone in an “apks” extension file using another app called “Skit” (very simple to use)

With this i obtain a file called “djay (5.1.3).apks”. I rename it to “djay (5.1.3).zip” and i decompress it. I obtain several files, among them one called “base.apk”. Again i rename it to “” and decompress. Following this route \base\assets\MIDI Mappings\ i find a file called “Hercules DJControl Mix.djayMidiMapping” which i attach.

I’m gonna try to understand how it works and maybe i will be able to change something ¿anybody wants to help me?


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Oh dear God cronico, that’s my missing piece of the puzzle!

I have not been able to find that file, and for some reason I never used the search function on my phone to look for it. I’ve been looking manually around through those folders for months. I thought that I wasn’t decompiling it correctly by changing the APK to a zip, but there it is…

That’s definitely the midi mapping file that needs edited, (at least that’s the name of the extension on my Mac) And if you have the desktop version, I think that’d be a good way to decipher what some of that code means.
Here’s my train of thought on that

I’m not sure with looking at the raw mini mapping code/file, what is what. But I do know that you can make changes to the mini mapping inside the app on the pc, (Windows or Mac) with a graphic interface.
So I’m thinking from there, when you make changes on the PC you can open up that .mapping file on the PC and see what changes were made in the code respective to your known changes that you just made inside the desktop version. You can compare two files at once on a Mac using something like bbedit.
And thinking that you can take those changes in the mapping file (as long as the functions are available on the Android version), and
parse the individual changes over to the Android mapping via a text editor, to hopefully map some new functions!

As long as that file is written with the same syntax, and with the same name for different functions and variables, I’m not too good with programming, so I’m struggling with the correct words to use, but as long as it’s the same structure, that should be it. It has the same file extension as the one on my PC.

Of course there’ll be some playing around with it, as I’m sure some of the terms are different, and there’s way more functionality on the PC version than there is probably available on the Android version.

And then we would have to try to recompile the Android app with the updated mapping file.

Do you know if you can just recompress the file and then change it from a dot zip to dot APK and reinstall it?

Also sorry about the formatting I’m trying to do this while at work on my phone

Ok, thanks for your tips, i’m gonna try some of them. Maybe somebody with programming skills may help us.

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The truth is that the Android version is inferior to its counterpart on IOS, I suffer a lot to be able to analyze my music one by one as there is no general analysis option… I use my dj controlmix in the same way and it would be incredible to use the options loop in, out instead of the horrible ones set by the mapping.
The effects can be changed by entering the fx tab in the app

I would be very interested if you can modify with the new mapping

But it’s very long to explain here, i have recorded a video explaining all the process. Is not difficult, try it and comment, please. Sorry for my english :sweat_smile: Hope you’ll understand.

Take a look to my channel, though other videos are of my fpv drones :smiley:

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NoNo way, Get out of here, that’s incredible! I’ve been trying to figure this out for months. seriously an awesome job cronico
And you made a video you’re killing it, man.

A video is soo helpful, and thank you for that, I’m going to have to start doing that because I am not good at describing things.
bnd By the way, unless English is your first language, you do not need to apologize :smile: