Recommendations for a compact Audio Interface that works with Djay Pro iOS

I’ve been getting more into using Djay on the iPad as a means to have a super compact travel / practice setup. With all the control you get from the iPad screen, I’ve found using a DDJ-200 as an add on pretty great to add some physical controls and together they pack down well.

However, one downside of this setup is using a dongle and mono-split cable to achieve pre-cueing which I feel is pretty clunky. Adding a compact audio interface seems like an easy win here but I can’t find great info on compatibility with Djay and an iPad setup - most Audio interface reviews are about years old products or aimed at musicians with instruments so I’m not sure how relevant they are for what I’m trying to do.

Does anyone have a recommendation of audio interfaces that work well with the iPad? (focus is much more on a compact setup than driving big sound, this will mostly be used in small settings)

I didn’t know that the DJJ 200 has no audio interface. That’s a shame. Mixing in mono is totally crap. Therefore my decision to go with the little Mixtour was the Right choice for a on-the-go portable Setup. I use the Mixtour with my iPad Pro and a powered (powerbank) usb c hub.

I only try once to get the pre cue option with a zoom u44 interface (great/small/battery power), but it doesn’t work. I think there is no option to use an external audio interface for this purpose.

In the size of the Ddj 200 I think there is no mixer with an internal interface. So I think you have to go bigger with ddj400 or smaller With the Mixtour.

for a while i had this setup : DDJ200 + Reloop Mixtour, combined with Djay.
So i could control Djay with jogwheels of the DDJ200 and i had audio output with the Mixtour :slight_smile:
and more added controls with the buttons of the mixtour that i could midi-remap into djay. that was definitely a great setup.
i confirm most audio interfaces works with the iPad, like the Behringer uca222. they said that the Traktor Audio is working too.

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Hey hey🙏🏽
Yes, most interfaces are working with iOS, but can you use it to get the cue audio separate? I don’t think that djay will recognize different outputs, am I right??

iOS recognize only one soundcard. so does Djay.
As the ddj200 is not a soundcard, you can plug the ddj200 (either with bt or usb) and you can plug the mixtour (or whatever soundcard that has audio cueing) to use it as a sound output/cueing.
Djay can use ddj200 as master controller and you can midi remap the mixtour to use its buttons/knobs, for example the browse button that miss the ddj200 :wink:

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Ohhh…i mean only with the ddj200 + interface😬

as i said, ddj200 is not a soundcard, so if you add one you can use it with djay
i’ve just tried with my uca222 on my iphone : djay use it as master volume device


That’s right, but can you pre-listen to the second track? Because that’s the question from the starter of this post. Atm he has to use a splitter cable which is only mono for master and pre cueing.

yeah if you want precueing, you need to use a soundcard that has also precueing, like the Traktor Audio 2 or … the mixtour :slight_smile:

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other solutions here :slight_smile:


These are great recommendations, thanks! The Mixtour / DDJ 200 combo sounds like an interesting one and I’m glad to hear they work together.


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