Recording with djay 2 and Spotify

This is probably a silly question but I can’t find the answer anywhere!

I have never used djay before and I do not know how to record mixes. There is no record button that I can see on the interface. Please help! I’d like to record mixes that I am doing but at the moment am completely stuck.

Hopefully ya’ll figured this out within 90 days of your DJAY purchase, in which case you can simply request a refund from iTunes and get your money back.

The classic argument against DRM is that you’re crippling a users experience and that’s exactly the case here. What other industry gets away with hurting and abusing their most loyal and excited fans?

But, money speaks louder than words, so go get yours back!…

Also, since feedback here or on spotify’s user forum isn’t going to change this, I suggest voicing your opinion on social media… Even if the companies aren’t listening, at least future DJ will understand the limitations of iPad DJing…

I’m guessing Spotify have given the right to use their content on the proviso that you can’t record the mixes… Maybe Spotify will have to create a DJ license rather than the premium one to bring recording to the djay2 app.

I like to listen back to mixes to see how well/poor I’ve been however being a premium spotify user for 5+ years I’ve got 100’s of playlists and a fairly empty iTunes library.

I guess this isn’t going to stop people pirating the tunes to upload to their iTunes. I’d like to say I’m not tempted…

You are all barking up the wrong tree. I’m fairly certain that Algoriddim would have no problem whatsoever with implementing this feature, if only they had the permission from Spotify. Petition them instead.

Having said that, I’m in the same spot as the rest of you. Having the iPad connected to the Mac is really not always a feasible option, because that would negate the portability of the iPad. I’m not always near my mac when I do m mixing, and I like to record everything I mix.

I am seriously considering buying a Zoom H2 or similar recording device to bring with me along with my iPad.

Hi Josh,

Due to license restrictions , recording is not supported with Spotify songs but only with songs from your iTunes library.

Please switch to the iTunes library to record mixes:…

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Hi !! Get soundcloud account and ope it . You see the UPLOAD label up on the page.Click it and it asks you to add file from your computer : so find your mix (mp3 ) and click add file…It is uploading now and you will have new window that must be filled .like the name for your mix,add tags ( they help people to find your mix ) ,add description if you want, add image by CLICK and search the cover jpg-file from your computer and "add file "…IF YOU HAVE MADE A cover , I recommend you to do so because it is easier to find and looks much better to the people that are looking for something to listen…Fill all asked info and CLICK SAVE at the bottom of the page and you will see the link to your mix !! it is very simple…you will see…and ASK ANYTHING , if problems…YOU TUBE next message…JiiPee Mix, Finland…

Someone asked if there is a way to get Spotify list to iTunes ? One solution is this : This is for the History playlists ( Tracks you played in a session ) ,open the list and you will see this ;

Well, I don’t now quite understand the people crying for the record button with Spotify mixes…It’s obvious that is not allowed…But why don’t you just for example , PLUG YOUR IPAD TO MAC WITH AUDIO ( 3,5 mm jacdk ) CABLE ? Then just record with PIEZO, WONDERSHARE ALLMUSIC or other app? I’m using Line -In to hear the sound and those 2 apps to record …Not Difficult at all !!!

HI Rodrigo !! WELL,THAT is exactly the problem what this discussion is about.THE RECORD MODE/ button goes off/disappears when you switch to Spotify playlists/tracks and so the App does NOT let you record mixes with Spotify tracks.The main reason being told “copyright reasons”…So there is nothing wrong in your systems or apps,it is supposed to work that way…And that sucks …But you can always record your mixes for example connecting your iPad/Iphone to Mac / Pc with an audio cable and record that way…It is not the same ( not at all ) but works…

Agree with earlier poster. Let’s introduce the idea to macro-record Spotify mixes, that will require Spotify premium access to be replayed ( I.e. DJay replaying your exact moves, cue point resets etc - as if you we’re live mixing. I don’t even say we get wav-files, just a replay pretty please.

Agree it is not that hard for the ones that want to introduce their computer into the mix. Agree Spotify premium is fab value for money. The point why I would like to stick within the walled garden of Spotify and playing songs (yes, timed and with loops) using their very premium service. That ensures artists get paid as a result. I’d expect that to be operable within Spotify’s license and business model, whereas recording the sound as a wave file exists their license agreement and I am pretty sure that Spotify nor the artists would like to see that much. Given more thought, I could see how djay and Spotify could team up and allow dj’s to publish their mixes on Spotify and play them through their service. Just an afterthought.

YouTube “how to” video?

I agree with Josh… this is poorly advertised at the point of purchasing YOUR APP. At the point of purchase i was reviewing your app not spotify.

Very upset… Just waisted 3 hours putting my playlist together and setting Q Points. What’s the use of paying Music Premiums for Apps if you don’t have rights to record??? DJay app $20 then another upgrade fee to DJay2, plus all the sound effects and effects and plug-in upgrades an additional $6… Then a $9.99 per month subscription to Spotify Premium… Oh yeah I forgot I paid $400 for a Numark iDJPro mixer as well! App store will definitely get a few stars less than average on both ratings apps. The DJ bloggers going to eat this up as well. Thanks for waisting my time and money!

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Where has the record button GONE?.

Where has the trusty record button GONE?? After I updated yesterday, I can’t seem to find the record button at the top. Where’d it go???

Has it just vanished away…please help

Yeah C’mon Warren…We’re ALL just promoting the music we mix. It’s a WIN WIN for everyone involved.

It does not seem worth it to pay the monthly premium if you not allow to record your mixes with spotify

Yeah it would be so much better if you could make mixes with spotify music