Reloop Beatpad and DJay2 gain/volume issue

Hi Guys,
Big user of the product.
A couple of months ago I bought a reloop beatpad and use it in conjunctio with my ipad air 2 which has been just awesome. However I have been plagued by an issue involving the gain knobs and their co-relation to actual volume. Quite often when I switch tracks the gain is not at the correct volume and I have to twitch the gain knob and suddenly it jumps to the correct volume. The result is a sudden jump in volume that happens at the start of almost every track. You can understand this is not a very good thing to happen and so I find I have to remember to give the knob a little tweak before I drop the next track :confused:

any thoughts?

Following last Friday’s dance I can confirm that both settings were off as they were the previous month. I set the gain once on both channels and did not touch again during the dance in case of volume drop however volume just dropped randomly about 6 or 7 times during different tracks throughout the evening, I did not notice this the previous month. Unlike a club environment where volume is at much higher levels and volume drop probably not as noticeable at these levels, volume has to be carefully controlled at a ballroom dance and is very noticeable. I do hope you can fix this problem soon.

Same problem with Beatpad 2, but I was thinking “EQ Reset” setting was the cause.

Both settings were OFF in my case. But Gain problem disappeared (Reloop Beatpad 2). Was it hidden update by the app or something else? Still, the Filter is working improperly. Example: I left the filter button in certain position, not zero. I load new track. Filter sounds like it is in zero (default) position. Even more strange left and right deck behave differently! On left deck I need to return it to zero and then rotating it makes effect on sound. On right deck I need to just slightly rotate it to make effect on sound.

In current version 2.8 problem is solved

Sorry, I’m on Beatpad 2

it was solved 2 years ago

sorry I did not noticed this thread is for Beatpad 1, I use Beatpad 2.

When are we going to have this update to solve the volume problem.

3 months the volume problem has been know, but still no update! when are we going to get the update.

No it’s not fixed in 2.8

Get your facts right before posting

Why do you think we keep posting

Sorry for being so abrupt… Just frustrated

Now 4 months ago when this problem was reported and still no update, please let us know when we will have an update to fix this has promised…

This problem has still not been resolved what is going on.

How? Mine still as the problem so not fixed. So you have had this problem and you have fixed yours! Let me know how.

Mabbs just proves this issue is not fixed. Juri I see you’ve not come back to tell us the secret fix!
And as usual Algoriddim don’t come and help the people who buy there products as don’t Reloop.

Juri, thanks for letting us know it was beatlad 2, at least you’re talking in this forum not like the people who sell these products and then let there customer down by promising to fix known issues. As Alex said they know it’s an issue and over a year now with no fix.

Same. Find track, wiggle gain, prepare drop.