Reloop Buddy not charging Ipad

Finally doing big events with just the Reloop Buddy and the Ipad running Djay PRO AI. New Ipad has a great battery but i am at some of these things for 12 hours. Why does’nt the Reloop Buddy charge the Ipad? It says NOT CHARGING in the battery indicator.

UPDATE, I just tried plugging into the Ipad in PC mode with a camera adaptor. USB out of Reloop Buddy into camera adaptor and lightning out to power source. It’s actually working—.Is this designed to work this way for IOS?

Hey @Rickysee ,

Thank you for writing about this here in the Community.

What cabling setup did you have by the time the iPad wouldn’t charge when connected to the Buddy? And what iOS/iPadOS version are you on while experiencing this?

We’ll be on the lookout for your reply!

Apple Lightning chord plugged into the Ipad running 15.6.1 and Reloop Buddy plugged into large Apple Block charger, 10 W… since this post I have started using the Apple Camera adaptor plugged into this power block,( it wouldnt work with the new 20W power blocks) and the reloop plugged into camera adaptor via usb and set to PC. I have verified this is charging the Ipad and working although it is a little finnicky on startup. Sometimes the Buddy doesn’t recognize the APP right away.

Please let me know if it is designed to work this way… on PC W/ Ipad.

Hey @Rickysee ,

Thank you for writing back and sharing your setup!

I will be looking into it with the help of our Testing Team and let you know if it is meant to work this way. Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m trying to understand how you did this, would you be able to take a pic of that set up?