Reloop Elite setup. Please Help

Reloop Elite Mixer
iPad Pro
Djay Version 5.1.7

Guys I’m having such a hard time with setting this up as external mixer. I thought it would be simple plug and play.

If I set audio devices

Mixer external

Deck 1 Channels 1-2 ( as just channel 1 is not an option )
Deck 2 Channels 1-2

Pre cueing channels 1-2

When I have the tracks playing on decks 1 and 2

They both come through channel 1 only on mixer and

I’ve tried changing one side to channels 3-4 and this is a work around but then you can only precue in headphones either channels 1-2 or 3-4

What am I doing wrong here

Also the volume faders for each channel affect the precuing volume ? Like what the hell? Never seen anything like this in all my setups.


Hi @Kalapton, please try the following settings:

Deck 1: Channels 1-2
Deck 2: Channels 1-2
Pre cueing: Channels 3-4

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IMO it should be external mixer, with a separate output for each deck. Cue is done on the hardware.

Deck one to channels 1+2
Deck two to channels 3+4

Perfect this worked spot on.


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Yeah that’s what I thought. Not sure why it’s gotta be channel 3-4 :man_shrugging:t2:

Excellent! Glad that worked @Kalapton

There are four channels (two stereo). 1+2 are left and right for deck one. 3+4 are left and right for deck two.


follow my elite set up like external mixer using all the usb channel. NB not need an usb channel for pre cueing in external mixer mode

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Thanks for sharing @carletto_dj