Reloop Flux Interface

Mojaxx confirmed it does work with Algoriddim.


Seems like a great interface. I especially love the power delivery and hub thing. This reduces cables, adapters and chargers.


This does look great. I’m wondering if it will will solve the lack of a passthrough function in Djay. If I were to hit one of the physical switches on this device to play an actual record, then hit it again to swap back to timecode, would I need to recalibrate the DVS?
I’m hoping not, as this is a game changer for me if I can play a mix of vinyl and timecode without f-ing about with phono splitting.

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Yeah it will work for pass through without recalibrating.


If I own a Reloop Flux why would I use it with Djay instead of Serato Pro ?

Serato does not run on iPads or iPhones

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Yes, I would like to have something usable on iPhone or iPad as well but if you tell me that DVS is working the same good as in Traktor Pro or Serato I must tell you it is a lie :frowning:

But let’s see. Maybe in 2 - 3 years Stems and DVS may be at an acceptable level. For now I have to say it is not usable for me.

Algoriddim DVS is pretty tight on my iPad at 64 running with an audio 10 (can even run 4 decks in dvs at once without latency issues). What issues are you currently having with it?

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Of course it is working but compared to Traktor Pro or Serato it does not feel the same. Compare it with cars. You can drive from A to B with a Citroen AX or you can do it with a Mercedes. You can do the same thing but there is a big difference.

Serato and Traktor also both have been around for 20+ years. It would be more constructive to provide the objective faults of algoriddim here instead of analogies. The devs here read the forum and apply changes in each update to improve the app.

Personally, I had to drop Traktor due to using hotcue coloring and labels. Native Instruments finally added it to their roadmap, tho (I created the feature request 8 years ago :-p ).

I’m not a Algoriddim DVS user, but having seen the scratch routine videos of Qbert and DJ Angelo on iOS, the integration looks pretty tight to me.

I was at NAMM this year and saw Qbert performing live on iOS as well so it’s not just in a perfectly produced, ideal situation, video shoot…

Perhaps, your issues are related to another component in your setup or some specific settings.


Any DJ software out on the marked has it’s issue. Some integrate better with operation systems and providing cloud sync (Djay) whereas others are build und old technologies with no Retina support and a long way to support Apple Silicon natively. On the other side this legacy style software is feeling more direct and right for the core parts which are required for Djing.

I doubt that based on a detailed description there would be a change and software developer would solve the issues instantly. We all know that Stems in Djay are not the best anymore (ViritualDJ and Serato are the top currently) and still no sign of improvement in Djay. Once I was involved in a thread where it was requested to apply star ratings to Songs in Djay and for me it is still not something I could do now. But one thing which really kicked me off is that what was promoted as a professional solution, to use Denon DJ LC6000 controller with Djay absolutely sucks. Same controller with any other DJ software feels so much better. I reported my complains but no sign of changes after all this time.

My conclusion to all this. Different Uses, different requirements which will result in different products they use and like. For me there is nothing wrong if someone is using A or B. For sure everyone will have his arguments why he do so. :slight_smile:

This is named Marketing. Hi professionals are payed to showoff products and give the impression that it is the best thing you can get for your money. Magically, if you see them play in other videos they are using other products for performance event that we got the impression that the product they promoted is the best they ever used. You will see how Qbert will switch back and forward between Djay, Traktor, Serato dependent how much the companies pay. :slight_smile:

And as I said. I never claimed that it is not work at all, I am only saying that for me other products are feeling more right.

Maybe on weekend I try DVS with Djay once again. Maybe there are changes in the meanwhile. I definitively would prefer an iPhone solution instead of using a Mac but for now it is not an option for me. :slight_smile:

That was 6 paragraphs of nothing tbh. Just drop a bullet point list of what needs to be improved in algoriddim.

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@Aquadics I hear you. I’ll take this discussion off topic a bit further. It sounds like your issue comes down to feel. I agree this is a difficult thing to communicate to devs. Even if you could, there’s no guarantee of your suggestions being implemented.

I have a pretty long list of improvements I’d like to see implemented in djay. Some I’ve been asking for years. However, I have an even longer list of reasons why I left Traktor after a decade of dedication.

Ultimately, the tools we use to perform our creative craft involve some compromises. After 5 years of iPad DJing, there’s no way I’ll go back to bringing a laptop to gigs. I’m hopeful that NI will deliver on their iOS/cross platform promises and I’m sure iOS Rekordbox will continue to improve. For now my money is still on Algoriddim to continue leading the way in IOS DJing innovation.


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