Reloop Mixon 8 Track Freeze

Greetings All,
Recently while djing at the nightclub, the upcoming cued song I would select would freeze after I would scratch it to prep for a transition, and once I decided to slide to the track and press my cued up button, the track wouldnt play. I am using a Mixon 8, and ipad pro 2022 12.9 latest update.

Hi there, what firmware is your Mixon 8 currently on?


  1. Did this just happen once or are you able to consistently replicate the freeze?
  2. Are you using the latest Reloop Mixon 8 Pro firmware? Reloop Mixon 8 Pro - Reloop
  3. Please confirm your iOS version and djay Pro AI version?
  4. Are you using a high quality USB-C to C cable to connect your iPad Pro direct to the Mixon 8 (i.e. no USB Hub or adapters)?
  5. Are you running any other apps on the iPad or connected to Bluetooth?

Sorry for the delay but I have another set Friday and I need a resolution!

  1. It has happened a couple times throughout my set.
  2. Yes, I am using Djay app version 4.1.10
    3 iPad pro 12.9 (5th generation) iOS 17.1.1
  3. I am using the USB C that comes with the iPad pro and I have vibrational pads under my controller when I do my sets. Yes I am direct to the usb port in the back of the mixon 8, no adaptors.
  4. No apps no internet.
  5. It is only occurring on one channel when I Dj as well.

I have a video of the issue in the moment, but I cannot post it because we only can add images.

Sorry for the delay,

Version 4.1.10 on the app

Reloop mixon 8 v5309 and fyi i updated it again just to make sure. Still had the freeze channel issue.

@tbenny thanks for the additional information.

  1. To share your video please put it on your Dropbox or Google Drive and share a link to it here.
  2. Do you have your iPad in Do Not Disturb mode?
  3. Have you tried a Forced Restart on your iPad? Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA).

I am going to try these actions tonight during my set and I will report back with the results.

@tbenny also I recommend you disable the Auto-Lock on your iPad when performing live.

I have a bunch of other iOS specific recommendations based on my years of performing live with djay Pro AI as well: iOS Specific Advice / Tips

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Following this thread, fingers crossed

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The set went by amazingly!! No interruptions no skips no freezes. Everything was perfect. I appreciate the DND and deletion of apps and more advice

Thanks again for everything. Great customer service and advice in a time I was in panic mode. Means tons, I didn’t want to switch from an iPad to Laptop as a DJ. Thanks again


You’re welcome @tbenny. Glad everything worked out. Happy to help.

Great to hear,
How long was your set for?
Did you also do a hard reset on your iPad prior to starting your set?

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