Reloop Mixon 8pro - direct v through usb hub (issue)

Hello friends, when I connect reloop Mixon 8 pro directly to I pad pro then it works fine and even charges the I pad pro.

Issues: When I connect Mixon 8 pro to I pad through a usb hub ( so I can connect my external hard drives for music) then it does not map it does how ever charge the I pad pro.

I’d appreciate any suggestions.

You need to use usb-a cable and not usb-c when using a hub.
You won’t be able to run data and charge using usb-c through a usb-hub. I tried 7 usb-c hubs and none of them worked.
You will then have to use a separate charger, but your external drives and mixon 8 will work fine, there is no issue or incompatibility in using usb-a, apart from not being able to charge with the same cable, works like a charm.

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Still the same … may be I understood wrong.

you need this cable from the maxon 8 pro to the usb hub of the ipad.

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So I tried a powered usb dock, connected USB A on Mixon 8 pro via USB B cable that was provided. So now it’s working fine.

Now is there a trick to using one external ssd for both I pad and Mac book.

Also noticed some of functions on controller are working on both I pad and Mac book weather switch is on usb A or USB B.

It also stop recognizing ssd had to restart I pad and disconnect and connect ssd

  • Glad its working!

  • There is no way to use the same SSD on both iPad and Macbook, thats how usb hard drives work, you have to plug them in on one device at a time

  • Functions, like when accessing the library will work on both devices if the source on the channel is selected. For example if Deck 3 and 4 are switched to USB-2, and Deck 1 and 2 are switched on USB-1, when scrolling through library it will scroll on both but obviously whichever load button you press it will load the appropriate track to the correct deck, so its not like it will load a track on both devices. Hope that makes sense.

What you can also do, is use Ableton Link. This way both devices, iPad and Macbook are synced, in case you wanna mix songs between the devices.


Make sure there is enough power for your SSD, plug in the charger, and make sure its correctly formatted.

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That’s a good idea… might have look into it… I am all new to this system. I use VDJ.

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Thanks for the advice. Everything is connected to this hub:

This should have enough power. I never had ssd freeze on me with this hub.
What docking station or hub would you recommend.

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This is what I have

I use these two for my ipad and this

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Ableton Link, can be found in the settings on Djay Pro. Enable them both and make sure that both devices are connected in the same wifi.

Mac: Settings - Advanced - Ableton Link
iPad: Settings - Ableton Link

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I will definitely look into it. Thx.

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@DJ_Faisal When using a USB Hub with djay, the order you connect things is very important.

  1. Disconnect everything and close djay.
  2. Launch djay.
  3. Connect only the USB Hub
  4. Confirm the blue peripheral icon shows up briefly on iPad at the top right.
  5. Connect power to the USB Hub and confirm the iPad is charging
  6. Connect your controller then turn on the power.
  7. Connect your USB Drive.
  8. If that doesn’t work, disconnect everything, reboot the iPad, and repeat the steps above.

I connected via usb C (USB A on Mixon 8 pro) and it is reading the ssd and charging the I pad but Mixon 8 pro is not mapping with djay pro. Nothing.
What’s that blue peripheral you mentioned I didn’t see.


  1. The peripheral icon only shows up briefly when you plug in the hub.
  2. Make sure you move the switch on the back of the Mixon 8 to the USB-B socket side for djay to recognize that it’s connected.
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I pad connected via USB A maps fine. I was trying through the USB IOS. The USB IOS connects directly to iPad but we cannot connect external ssd.

I still don’t see that blue peripheral sign. Are these green chroma cables I see you have both usb B and USB C IOS connected.

I used supplied usb cable. Just got mixon 8 today. Everything was plug and play without updating firmware. While updating the firm ware everything went well and it indicated firmware update completed, the last step where it is supposed to reboot itself did not happen and the update progress also did not appear on jog wheels, instead very dim hardly noticeable light while updating firmware. I hope it updated firm ware. Is there a way to confirm the latest firmware.
Appreciate all your support and guidance!

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  1. If you want to use the USB hub you need to connect the the USB “Type B” socket on the back of the unit in the USB A section and the switch moved to this side. The Hub will not work connected to the USB “Type C” socket.

  2. Use the USB “Type C” socket if you want to connect direct to the Mixon 8 without the hub and need for an external charger.

  3. In the picture I provided, I have both a USB-C to C cable connected to the Mixon 8 and a USB-B to A cable. However, I only have one of them connected to the iPad at a time. USB-B to A if I want to use the USB Hub or USB-C to C if I want to connect direct.

  4. As for the firmware, I had this same issue the first time I did it. Please reread the update instructions CAREFULLY and rerun the firmware update process. Make sure you see the confirmation on the jog wheels.

@DJ_Faisal if you’re unsure about the different USB Types, here’s a quick overview from the DJ TechTools page:

Also, if you need high quality cables specifically designing for DJing there you can find all the combinations you need here:

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