Reloop Mixtour USB cable


Where do I find a USB-C cable for the Reloop Mixtour? Or an adapter of some kind?


Thanks Gabor. You got a link? Right now I’m connecting the Mixtour and Mixon 4 using the USB-B to USB-A that connects to the iPad Pro using the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.

Works fine. Just wanted once cable with an iOS connection to the Mixtour on one end and USB-C on the other which’ll also charge the iPad like the current cable does.

This is how it goes:

iPad Pro -> USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter -> USB A to USB-B (USB-A on one end and USB-B on the other kinda cable) -> Mixtor/Mixon 4 USB-B port.

Okay! I’ve finally found what the Reloop iOS connection port is called in the real world: 8-pin Mini Din. So the search is on for a male 8-pin Mini Din to USB-C cable.

Go for it, it’ll work fine

No problem. It does indeed charge it yes. I have been using my Mixtour and Mixon 4 with my iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd Generation with no issues.

Hola¡ found a few on eBay I think, but ended up just using a lightning to USB-C adapter to connect the hub connected to the iPad to the controller.

ARKTEK USB-C Adapter Compatible with i OS Phone Cable (Female) to USB Type C (male) Data Sync and Charging for Galaxy Note 9 Google Pixel 3 and more (Pack of 4)…

De nada amigo

I’ve tried this, works perfectly.…

It does indeed sir.

No worries Ryan! Oh wait, I’m on an iPad Pro 3rd gen so I use a USB-C hub that’s powered and the USB from my controller plugs into the same hub.

Thanks Luke

Hola Rakanlam! Thanks for feedback. Where did you find the mini 8. Pin to USB c cable? I can not find It surfing on webs. Thanks.


Oh God. What we have to suffer in this industry to get music live!

I guess, it works! It does not work with Android.

No solution for connecting+charging the iPad Pro with reloop mixtour?

How exactly? The iOs cable on the Mixtour is different from the PC/Android one. The connector is Lightning. So how does it connect to the camera kit? It has USB C input, not lightning.
I’m referring to the USB-C iPad Pro.
Please elaborate…

The iOS cable is Lightning, how does that integrate with the adapter…?

I can, just always thought that iOS needs the special 8din cable.
will try it out.
Thanks :slight_smile: