Please, a remote is what we need for XMAS! :slight_smile: Bring it back!

Thanks for your input. djay Remote is no longer supported with djay Pro, but we’ll be sure to discuss this internally and take it into consideration.

Agreed, it’s the core feature for me that makes us use it when I few of us have a night. Unfortunately I wouldn’t hold your breath for an answer, I still never got an answer on a post from a year ago asking about it.

Same boat here. Wouldn’t even think of buying without this feature. It’s the I ku reason I used this ‘app’ seeing as it’s not really for Pro use despite them using the ‘Pro’ name now. It’s great for private parties with the remote. They’ve taken away the only thing going for it.

Gotta say I can’t stand this company personally, they went to this POS get satisfaction forum because it allowed them to more easily ignore the complaints on their old website forum and they pretty much ignore most popular posts still. Not to mention the lack of controller support. The management should be thrown out. Such wasted potential.

Yes!! Please update the old remote app for Djay pro, it is the best feature ever!!

Hire me Warren and I’ll discuss it internally with you guys :slight_smile:

Algoriddim Team - is so hard to update old remote for Djay Pro ?

For me, remote missing is the major reason not upgrade to Djay Pro
I’ll stick with old Djay and remote…

+1 Add the ability to use iPad/iPhone app in “client-mode” for Djay Pro!

I’d love to be able to open up Djay 2 on my iPad and be able to mix the tracks from my iTunes library on my Mac, without having to transfer any of the music to my iPad (only 32GB) or iPhone (only 16GB)

I think this would make a lot of customers and future customers very happy!

I wanted a remote app on my iPad that works well with my mac mini, because I don’t have a laptop. I think Algoriddim assumes that people will either use a laptop or an iPad/iPhone to DJ. I don’t feel safe only using my iPad because it doesn’t have as much music on it as my mac hard drive, and you will always get someone requesting a song that you didn’t sync to your iPad! Spotify may work for some, but not every spot has wifi or good 3G/4G signal. Serato has a remote app which is crippled - no play/pause and no library navigation. The djay remote app would have been a great alternative. I gave up and just bought a small monitor to use with my mac mini instead of a laptop or a remote ipad app.

Okay so they finally upgraded serato remote, good for them.! Yeah I’m pretty sure you knew what i meant about the library navigation (view), but anyways, no stacked waveforms still. The serato remote is still crippled. This article is about the lack of Djay remote, so i didn’t want to dwell too much on Serato, was just drawing a brief comparison. Anyways, the point is that not all DJ’s have the same style of doing things, and some of us would really like the remote feature, that’s why people have come on here to request it!

I would really like to see this feature too.

I like the full feature set of the desktop pro version and the progress it makes. But the remote feature is not a limit it’s an addition. You can’t do anything and definitly can’t mix the whole night. But on several parties and eventes (e.g. a wedding) it would be helpful to control volume, play/pause and even a new song via remote.
Obviously not for the dance mix.
And as this feature WAS there it is sad, it was dropped, as there is no reason.

It would be so handy having the remote function back in again - I travel 2 hrs a day on the train and using my ipad or even iphone 6 plus as a mixer + controller paired with my macbook air, means I’m totally set up as a mobile DJ!

Yes Yes please remote control 4 decks from ipad and I will love you forever!

sort it out fellas before people change to an alternative, massive shame when everything else is great.

No signs from Algoriddim about an update for remote app?
When that is not working I cannot switch to the new pro version.

thanks Warren, guess many of Djay users doing djing at home at privat parties and for them it is much more comfortable to have also a remote. Away from the desk they can talk with friends and guests and have even acces to their mixing console.

btw…I will buy the new version only after remote is working