Report a problem that I’ve just found after updated to iOS17

I use djay on my iPad, and I use my Yamaha AG06 mixer as the main output, which connect to my speakers, then use a 3.5mm headphone as the precue device, in order to connect both devices to my iPad, I use a docking station to plug in them by USB and 3.5mm, back to the old days, it always works, but ever since I updated my iPad to iOS17, everything changed, first of all, djay will always shows me this pop-up window saying that “djay has found a new MIDI device named AG06/AG03. Do you want to configure the device now?”, which is normal when I first plug in AG06, but not normal pop up everytime after i connect it to my iPad. then everything seems to be normal, Main Output will be my AG06, but then after I plug in my headphone, main output will change to usb audio device, which represents my headphone. This is absolutely not OK! Normally, this usb audio device should shows up in split output, then I can select this option, so that I can use it to pre cue. If I plug headphone first, then plug my AG06, the problem is same. They can’t shows up at the sametime, one as Main Output one as Split Output, but can only show one as the main output. I have no idea why is this problem exist, is it because of the iOS17 system? Can somebody tell me how to solve this problem?

@Mister_X do you have a full backup of your device before iOS 17 that you can roll back to? iOS 17 is VERY new so the chances of there being bugs is higher than normal. In general, it’s not a good idea to update your iOS to a major new version until after the developers have given the thumbs up that it’s compatible.

Sadly, no😂 I didn’t prepare any backup for my iPad, so I guess there’s no roll back😭 Now I see how terrible this idea is to update it to iOS17 this early. But if it’s really a bug, then I can wait till it’s fixed. Thanq very much🤝🏻

@Mister_X okay, well in the future, I recommend you follow these tips:

Wow! really useful and helpful! thanq! I will follow thse tips, really appreciate it!

@Mister_X also this may help you in the meantime. I don’t have an iPad with a headphone socket, so I’ll be guessing a bit on this…

  1. The order that you connect devices to your iOS device is very important when using djay Pro AI.
  2. djay uses the last connected audio device when you connect multiple devices as the audio output device.
  3. Your situation is a bit unique because you are trying to use a USB audio device and the built-in headphone jack instead of 2 USB audio devices. So, this is where I’m guessing a bit.

I recommend you try this exact connection procedure first before trying any other combination:

  1. Disconnect everything from the iPad, disconnect everything from the docking station, close djay and do a full reboot of the iPad.
  2. Launch djay.
  3. Connect only your headphones to the iPad.
  4. Next connect the docking station only to the iPad. Make sure nothing else is connected to the docking station.
  5. Connect power to your docking station and confirm that the iPad is charging.
  6. Connect the Yamaha AG06 to the docking station.
  7. Attempt to route the audio as described in your initial post.

If that connection procedure doesn’t work, then I suggest trying to connect the headphones last instead of first. Please let me know if either of those solves your problem.

@Slak_Jaw Just one point about creating a backup to roll back to. I’d recommend doing the backup with a 3rd party app (like iMazing or similar). The one time I tried to roll back to a previous ios using the official iTunes “restore from backup” method I was (after it spent some quite time thinking about it) met with a rather unhelpful error message that said something like “iphone cannot be restored from this backup as it’s older than current ios”.

It appeared to be a deliberate move from Apple to prevent rollback.

I don’t know if it’s still the same but for safety I always make a new backup now after every ios upgrade so there’s no chance of encountering that error again (and the safety copy you thought you had being useless).

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Actually both my headphone and my AG06 are connected to my iPad through the docking station, my iPad also doesn’t have a headphone socket😂, and no matter which one I connect first, it always doesn’t work like usual.

Thanks for the warning / reminder to back up before trying ios17.

Currently backing up my ios16 iPad (using iMazing) before I even think about upgrading to ios17 (which I may put on hold for a while now). Ho hum ,this is going to take a while… Then to backup the iPhone next. Extreme tedium but I guess it could be worth it.

Are you plugging the headphones directly into the docking station or into the Yamaha mixer? I notice the mixer has a monitor out and a headset out. I wonder if these could in any way make a difference?

The Yamaha claims to be class compliant and usable for ios devices so should be mappable.

Is the docking station the problem? Would connecting the Yamaha mixer using an “Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/ Lightning to USB Camera Adapter” as recommended by Yamaha solve the problem maybe?

Well yes, directly. AG06 can only be recognized as a MIDI device, and this device can be the main output, that’s why the monitoring headphone socket on the AG06 can’t be actually useful. Also, I use 2 USB drives as my song library, so I can’t just use apple’s cable, cuz It doesn’t have extra socket for me to plug usb drives😂 My docking station has 3 usb sockets so that I can plug my usb drives in and also connect iPad with the AG06, meanwhile, 3.5mm socket can allow me to connect iPad with headphone

I just tried with a basic Behringer usb audio interface, it auto selects as usb output device. I’m still using ios16 and I do see the option for split cue on the headphone (so it detects the Behringer has a headphone output, not that it works properly as I have no split cue knob on either the Behringer or the DJay interface to mix between individual channel and master output (as a full mixer would have), so you just get both master and cue equally through the headphone.

Proof at least that if the usb interface has a headphone output that DJay will offer the option of using it with a split cue.

So interesting, but not really helpful for your problem. I do also have a small (cheap version) mixer of a similar type to the Yamaha but the power supply wouldn’t even run it and the ipad together, it must draw too much current to be used in that way, and as it only has one usb socket which it uses for power I can’t power it and connect it to the iPad. Guess it can only be used stand-alone so that idea to test didn’t work either.

There are separate controls for speaker and headphone monitor outputs on the Yamaha though, which might work with a split cue, if you have this option under headphone output in the audio device setup in DJay when connecting the Yamaha? In DJay > settings > audio device setup headphone selection should be just under the the main output device selection, see if you have the option of split cue, then try plugging the headphones into the Yamaha’s Monitor Out headphone socket.

Thanq very much for your advise! I just tried, and it didn’t work. AG06 isn’t like any kinda interface, it will only recognized as one device instead of a devise with multi-channels. So if I put my headphone on the Yamaha AG06 it will be quite useless cuz if I select the “split output”, the sound will come out from the left side of my speakers, and then the right side will be the precue channel😂 If I connect my headphone to the AG06, it will be completely the same! I always use docking station to connect AG06 and headphone to iPad as two different devices, then I can choose which one is main which one is split, I guess I have to wait for updates, if this doesn’t work anymore, I will have to buy a interface. Speak of which, do you think that Focusrite interface can work as well? Or is it only Behringer? And If I use a interface to precue, it has to be a interface with stereo channel (2 channels) for speakers and a 3.5mm socket for headphone, right? I mean, the 3.5mm socket on the interface can be detected by djay as another channel, then choose it as the split output, right?

I just noticed this, you sure that the split output is the exact channel of Behringer’s 3.5mm channel right? Or is it just like mine, when you choose split output, it will be the left channel of your speaker channel😂

@Mister_X there’s a good thread discussing USB audio interfaces here. In general you need 2 things if you want to pre-cue in your headphones and have a master audio output:

  1. USB Class Compliant device
  2. 4-Channels (4 out)

So you need the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (2-in, 4-out) or 4i4 (4-in, 4-out)

@Mister_X I actually have a USB-C hub with a headphone socket so I might be able to further help you troubleshoot this problem. Can you please take a screen shot of your Settings>Audio Device Setup>Pre-Cueing like I’ve done below?

I don’t have the same Yamaha USB audio device as you, but this is what things look like with the Reloop Ready and my headphones connected to my USB hub. On iOS 16.5.1 (c), I’m able to select Reloop Ready ch1-2 for the Main Output and Split Output for the Pre-Cueing which I think is what you’re describing you used to be able to do.


As you can see. Normally djay has found a new MIDI… will only show up once which is the first time, but now it’s every time! Then after clicking OK, I can’t press save or anything, cuz it’s gray. Then to audio device setup, main output is AG06, and you can see the option split output. Now if nothing goes wrong, if I connect to my headphone, the USB PnP Audio Device should be an option of pre-cueing. But no, as soon as I connect to it, AG06 will disappear, change to USB PnP Audio Device, There’s still only None and Split Output at Pre-Cueing. If I connect headphone first, then connect AG06, it’s also like this, two device compete with each other on Main Output.

So 2 channels for speakers and other 2 are actually also for speakers but we use it to connect with headphone, right?

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Yes, 2 channels for stereo speaker (1 for left speaker and 1 right speaker) and 2 channels for stereo headphones (left and right). This is why when you use the Split Output option you either get a mono signal to both speakers or only one of the speakers works.

Thanks for the screen shots. I’ll have a closer look later and see if I can come up with any other suggestions.