Samples on iDJ Pro

Why do I not have samples when I use the Numark iDJ Pro? The promo video for the iDJ Pro on the Numark website shows samples are available within the djay app.

You can add samples using iTunes File Sharing, i.e. just the same way you can get recordings from djay using iTunes (but adding samples instead of downloading recordings):…

Hi Michael,

The sampler will be added to djay in one of the upcoming (free) updates. We’re still working on making it kick ass. :slight_smile:


We just released an update containing feature improvements (e.g. Sampler) for Numark iDJ Pro. Please download the latest version via the App Store (djay 1.6.1).

Watch the iDJ Pro video with DJ Freeze to get a hint:…

I don’t think anyone else has made a video using the sampler yet. If you have djay for Mac, it is basically the same sampler [but fewer preloaded samples].

I’ve updated, I presume the sampler only works when connected to idj pro?

Just watched the video looks awesome! I think I’m getting the idj pro soon :slight_smile: quick question though, is the sampler beat matched?

Thanks for the answer, one more question, is there a gain or volume control for the samples or does it just play at whatever volume the main mix is in?

Anyone got the instructions on how to manage the samples with itunes? Also any links to good DJ sample packs?

Samples are simple one shot’s at this point.

After downloading a sample into “My Samples” is there a way to type in the name of the sample?

One of the best news I’ve heard Warren. Will it be mapped on to the IDJ Pro or placed at the bottom iPad area with the effects?

Any news on specific features for the sampler? I am trying to decide whether to get the iDJ Pro or go for something much more expensive and with a bigger feature set… Hope it really is kick-ass, would love to hear details!

William (or others) - would love to see what it does specifically. I am considering an iDJ Pro, but would like to see what the sampler does before buying.

Sampler is there and works as expected. There’s not as many options available as there are in the product video. Would’ve been cool to have more options available.

Nice touch with the individual volume control too…

Basically, it acts exactly as it does in the video. The one thing not demonstrated in the video is the ability to add your own sounds to the sample banks. It will allow you to grab samples from tracks loaded in your decks or you can load them from iTunes if you’ve got them in there.

Hope that explains it a bit better.


Hello, I just saw a video on youtube where a guy uses the djay app on the ipad 3 with the idj pro from Numark. And on it, he uses a ‘sampler’ function, which seems like it’s located in the middle of the ipad when you have the ipad connected to the idj pro.
However, for now, it does not seem as though the ‘sampler’ option exists with the latest updates.

I saw couple of posts which was about a month ago, people wondering the same issue, and ‘Warren’ the employee posted that it will be available with the next free djay update. The response was about a month ago, so I was wondering if, Warren, could you give the community an update on that front please? That would be awsome!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Update on the ‘sampler’ function pleasseee.

warren I haven’t looked at much online but are there going to be downloadable samples now that the sampler is up and running?

warren I haven’t looked at much online but are there going to be downloadable samples now that the sampler is up and running?