Save a DJ Set Playlist

I just wanted to suggest adding a record to playlist function where every song you play get saved in a playlist in the order you played them. That would be awesome!

Hi @Johan_Rosenberg, djay Pro already does this automatically. Each DJ session is saved in the History tab.

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Thanks! But how do I save this to a playlist to open in for example Apple Music or rekordbox?

You’re welcome @Johan_Rosenberg. If you’re using macOS, you can export the playlist as a csv or to a Music App playlist. Refer to this discussion for more details:

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If you’re using iOS,

  1. You will first need to add the songs to a new playlist in My Collection
  2. Then you can export that new playlist as a CSV file.
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Thanks! I was a little confused over how this was done but now I understand.

You’re welcome @Johan_Rosenberg. Happy to help!

Though I am missing a auto update of the Music app playlists in Djay after I have exported it to the Music app.

I moved from the iPad to the mac. How do I export all the sessions at once. I have over 300 sessions on the ipad. Would be great if the sessions synced between devices but for now, just being able to move them to my mac would be great.

Hi @Rocky3000,

The djay Media Library database is used by djay to store playlists, history, the queue, as well as all per-song metadata like cue points and loop regions. It is kept in the “User Data” folder inside the “djay” folder that can be accessed in the “On My iPad/iPhone” section in the “Files” app.

You can copy this database file over to your Mac. However, I recommend you create a backup of the djay Media Library database that is already on you Mac in case you want to revert back to the previous one.

Understood, but I want to merge them both. Now I have sessions on my mac that will be lost. I guess it’s probably better to have the ipad sessions since the majority of my sessions are there but it would be nice to be able to merge them into one

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any easy way to merge these databases together. You’ll have to choose one to be the Master.

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