save a loop

It would be cool if you could save a loop like a cue point . Load a song and recall the loop you have saved.

Thanks for posting.

Djay pro is out but it still doesn’t save loops :-/

@Mix Master G - it’s a good work around. But it’s just not addressing the issue. I posted this question 2 years ago . How hard is it to implement this when apps like TDJ , DJPP, Cross Dj all do it ? They did it years ago.

Not cool

I hear you Dysfunk, & see you on DJPP! But I havnt given up hope here. The elastic gridding is really good for someone like me who plays alot of oldskool and new skool. If they manage to bring the rest of the app up with saving loops, quantized cue points, Ableton link and a song recommendation engine I would use it professionally for sure.

Save a loop is really turning into a mystery. How can they not figure this basic DJ need out?

I’ve come back after five years & it’s finally happened!! Welll done. Just need the syncing to be slightly tighter now/ its 90% there. Just need a final push to make it really rock solid . You get some odd tempo noise when it’s adjusting really quickly (like moving a real platter too quickly).

There are references to Saved Loops in the midi settings and a section of my Mixon 4 even has button for those, but they don’t seem to work. So there isn’t any saved loops support but they have midi for it? What gives?

How it works with MIDI is absolutely incomprehensible though

Agree with everybody. One simple improvement to the software would take it to a proper pro level. Everybody on this forum needs to like this chain and send a clear message to algoriddin about what we all want. I am finding their slow response very frustrating and I am also considering other software, namely DJPP.

I have a beatpad2 and I know mappings for DJPP exist on DJtechtools. Not downloaded yet, was hoping algoriddin would sort out deficiencies with DJay Pro. Does Beatpad work well with DJPP midi maps and how easy is it to implement on an iPad?

Would be great. Traktor does it for years.

I too would like to be able to use “hot loops”. Same idea as “hot cues” just with loops. Hopefully this will be added.

Thanks for all your replies to this topic. I’m glad it’s getting some prime time comments. Hopefully if there are enough Algoriddim will take notice

Pulselocker is what I use now. You can easily look up any song in their library as long as you have a connection. It also allows offline play.

Hi Dysfunk DJ,

I pushed the issue internally. Be assured that saving Loops is an issue on our agenda. I will keep you updated if there are news regarding this issue.

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

thank you for sharing, each post is pushing the implementation.
I am sorry that I can’t give you guys detailed informations about our future plans, please understand.

Lukas E.

Hey guys,

your posts are getting heard. Please note that every implementation, no matter how big it appears needs a lot of thinking over on how to fit the implementation into the status quo.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Why oh why has a pro sortware not got saved loops?