SAVING "Loop sets" vs. cue points

I prefer to save loop sets instead of creating cue points which is hard to find the right position anyway and I do not get along with cue points at all. (It’s confusing from a user interface point of view.)

I analyse both mix albums first to find the most suitable loop sequences for both album tracks. I use 4,8,16,32 loop combinations that I can still change while recording a mix.

THUS, it would be great to SAVE loop sets instead of creating rather complicated cue points.

I do not necessarily need the “IN and OUT” buttons … I would prefer to have some buttons just like (1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) where I can save the loop and the beats rate (4, 8, 16, 32)

See attached screenshot for clarification. If I have the left user interface design on both sides, I can easily SWITCH between loop sets during recording. That would super great ProSonus.


DJ Player Pro has this great feature (global setting) where the last / 8th / H cue works as a final loop that will automatically kick in when it passes that cue point.

Fantastic for creating extended outro’s.

Hi York Ekin,

thank you very much for your detailed idea.

I forwarded your issue internally.

It would be great if other users could upvote your thread in order to push the issue.

Lukas E.

Saved loops has been shared on several occasions but algoridim don’t seem too interested in implementing the idea. No idea why really.


I have changed the UI (User Interface) a little bit with a procedure as follows:

  1. I can choose between 4,8,16,32 beats
  2. I click the “Loop” button
  3. I click the ( + ) button to save the loop with 32 beats
  4. The selected loop sequence with 32 beats will be saved under number “1”

additional feature

This said the loop consists of 4 parts devided in 4,8,16,32 beats
While playing the saved Loop “1” with “32beats” … I can still enable or disable
beats during a recording session.

In the presented screenshot the first beat sequence =4 was disabled during recording. This way I have more possibilities to make variations of the saved loop during a recording session.



Additional Loop Feature:
Another cool feature would be. Being able to move the blueish Loop selection (32beats) on the frequency track view. This is a good point to slightly adjust the beginning and end points of a loop while keeping the loop itself in 32beats length.

PS: This is UI made by ProSonus

Music is just what you hear … it’s about how to transfer acoustic understanding into a visually expressive and intuitive UI (User Interface).

The Loop feature is pretty cool since you have to find a beats sequence with a pre-defined length for a track which has a certain rhythm. This said, the “IN” and “OUT” cue points are difficult to set properly anyway.

I am even for a detailed view of the loops I have set where I can drag and move right to left the loop bar itself to find and adjust the prefect loop match. Just like in GarageBand for example.


PS: I don’t look at competitive software. I use software, I make my own experiences with software and then I begin to think, what could be done to make it more comprehensible by using it in a creative manner. It’s more or less a question about management and company lawyers who are battling each other about the question, who owns the rights and who invented it first … but that’s another story.

I like this idea very much! Rekordbox DJ has this option so it should be possible for DJ Pro too.