scrolling problem with Djay Pro for windows. It get stuck scolling & won't stop til you close program.

if you are using the up & down arrow keys to look threw your songs. It gets stuck & keep on scrolling & won’t stop til you restart the program. I have had it do it many times in an hour period. I cant trust a program during a gig that out of the blue will need to be restarted to use multiple times.
if anyone can help with this issue or have had this very issue?

Thank you

ASUS intel I5 7th Gen 12gig Ram 1TB drive Win10. bought 5/31/17.

Hey DjDre Kutter,

can you record the problem via video and send us the file via
That would help us a lot in order to find the root of the problem.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey guys, 

can you all tell us which knob/button you used exactly (on an external controller/keyboard…)?
Also is this problem happening every time you use the knob/button?

Hey RT,

did you send us the video via mail? Please tell me the mail subject if that is the case.


Please note that this issue was fixed with our last djay Pro for Windows Update.

I hope you are no longer facing this issue when using our latest version.

Lukas E.

thank you Lukas.
i will try & video the problem.
it happens out of the blue when scrolling up & down with the keys on the laptop.
i have had it do it yet on controller. still testing that out.



Yes exactly what keeps happening to mine. Mine has got stuck going up as well, but most the time it is when scrolling down with the down arrow key on laptop.

thank you for catching it on video RT.

Hello Lukas E,

we haven’t heard anything back from you about this issue?
this is a big problem when djing when it gets stuck & you have to close the program. you have a video of the problem.

Yes we all need a refund! I have written them a few times! They just say they are working on the issue! They have been working on it for a long time now!
Its about time its either fixed or refund!!!

I’ve that this same problem last Sat during a 6 hour backyard party. crashed 3-4 times. Stuck at bottom of list of songs- kind of like someone was pressing the down arrow and wouldn’t let go

also had the same problem- captured on video and sent- posted below


occurs when scrolling up or down music list using up/down arrows on my laptop for me
Not everytime but at list once over 3-4 hours

Did you see video I sent in?



Did you see the vieo I sent?. For me its when scrolling up and down the list of music using up or down arrows on my keyboard. Then it gets stuck and locks in on bottom, Can’t change music or playlists. Intermittently but once every few hours for me, sometimes right awat


Yes sent to mail. Can’t find link now- Sent on June 15. will resend again

Mail subject is DJAYpro problem

Lukas, all

Any resolution on this issue??

Was this ever sorted as I have the same issue

I had the same and demanded a refund. It’s just unstable and unfit for use in live gig situations. Beta testing only software full of bugs

I gave up totally on this rubbish software and this was one of three reasons. The others were random crashing and closing by itself and tracks loading but with no audio output, random again. It’s rubbish, I now dj with the standard Spotify Windows app and solid as a rock