Search function for tidal streaming not working

Updated iOS to 17.0.1 on iPhone 13 Pro, running latest versions of both Djay Pro AI and Tidal, and search function is completely crippled for tidal streaming through Djay. I can search for a single character, and beyond that it shows “No Results”. Glad I didnt update my iPad, but I use my phone regularly for mashups and prepping sets, and can’t do this now. For clarity, my Tidal playlists still show all tracks and can be loaded up, just can’t search for anything.

Was thinking of buying an iPhone 15 Pro Max to replace my iPad for my portable Reloop Buddy setup, but if it comes loaded with iOS 17, I can’t chance it being crippled like this. Boo.

@DJ_Venn iOS 17 is very new and not yet supported by djay Pro AI. I suspect support is coming soon, but as a general rule, I recommend never updating your iOS until official support has been announced by the devs.

Do you have a full backup prior to iOS 17 that you can roll back to?

@DJ_Venn I realize this doesn’t help you much now if you don’t have a backup, but here are some general tips to consider in the future.

Im running Djay Pro AI on my MacBook and the Tidal Search is also not showing results. I have a gig this afternoon and need the feature as guests may have requests. HELP!

@Robert_Hoffman and @DJ_Venn this is starting to sound like a Tidal issue not djay. Some other users have said that search isn’t working properly on the Tidal app or website either.

Unfortunately, I no longer have a Tidal subscription so I can’t check myself.

It works again thank goodness

Good to hear! Looks like it was a Tidal database or server issue of some kind.

@DJ_Venn can you please confirm if Tidal is working for you now as well?

It’s working fine here too. Not iOS 17 or DJAY related.

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Just checked and yes it’s working now too. Super weird, as it was working on iPad the whole time, and only started after updates on my iPhone. But either way, glad it’s fixed.

@DJ_Venn good to hear. Thanks for letting us know.

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