Selectable alternate effects for Filter control

In many other dj software, there are alternate effects that can be selected for the Filter control such as noise (like wind), bit crusher, flanger/phaser, gating/panning, and more. Usually there’s a small drop menu near the Filter knob in the interface for quickly selecting an alternate effect (Filter remains the default).

It works by 12 o’clock position of the Filter knob is zero effect. Turning clockwise adds more or higher pitch effect (noise gets louder and increases in freq) while turning counterclockwise gets louder while reducing pitch or other deepening of the sound effect.

I use this a lot with noise to add a big sweeping whooshing sound to build up to drops or as a wash of noise to cover a transition between songs that would otherwise clash. Having a variable knob allows precise control over the amount and length of effect so building up to the right amount over beats or measures before a drop is simple.

Another nice feature here is a checkbox in Preferences or in the Filter effect drop menu described above (or both) that resets the Filter to default when loading a new track (like Prefs > General > Reset (EQ, effects, controls))

Also, this alternate Filter FX menu could tap into the many effects infrastructure used for FX. With a few exceptions, most of those effects could be used in an up/down mode via a Filter knob for transitions.

Algoriddim devs strike again! I absolutely love that the latest versions of djay on Mac/iOS now support Noise & Sweep, Noise Gate, and Noise Pump on FX! I asked for noise sweep and got it plus 2 more brilliant alternatives that are super fun to use and sound great!

Moreover, Cut and Filter sections were added that hit some other nice FX choices I’ve been hoping for. Of course, the finer integration of Neural AI to all FX is fun and welcome too. I use that a lot because FX on full tracks can be overbearing. Being able to focus on certain parts of a track can add nuance and uniqueness in a great variety of ways.

Thanks again to the devs for listening and then going beyond with great implementation.

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