Differentiate effects between beat-based and analog (0 to 100%)

I think djay has amazing FX but that they’re confusing to use. It would help me a lot if effects would be differentiated into at least two distinct categories:

  1. beat-based
    Examples: Echo, Gate
    Functionality: specify the beat length (ie 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2) (there is a similar suggestion here: 3/16 echo time please! - #6 by djjoejoe)

  2. analog
    Examples: Noise Sweep, lowpass, highpass
    Functionality: specify the intensity from 0 to 100%
    Hardware: allow mapping to filter button (this part has already been specified here: Selectable alternate effects for Filter control)

Confusingly, some effects are mixtures between the two, for example Noise Gate. I don’t have a direct solution for those but feel like they should give you a checkbox that controls whether increasing intensity also changes the beat length.

Thank you for getting in touch. You are suggesting to categorise the effects by these 2 options to have more information about the effect, am I right?

Yes, exactly! I want to have more control and having more information is one way of getting there.