Single Deck Controller

Short version: I am looking for single Deck midi Controllers that would work with current Macs, that don’t brake the bank. Anyone got Ideas except the Denon LC6000?

Long Story:
I am currently using a Reloop Mixon 4, I am more then Happy with the Controller! But as I am extensively using deck 3 and 4 I would love to have control over these without having to switch the layers on my Mixon 4. So I wish I could get two single deck controller that I’ll put left and right from my Mixon 4 as Ch 3 &4.
Atm I am using a MacBook Air M1 for DJay, but iOS would be welcomed too!

I have been looking into what I could use, and so far I only could find the LC6000 or some controller from over 10 years ago, where I am not sure if they work on apple silicone, and I could only get them used which also isn’t the easiest.
The LC6000 seems a little expensive as one of these costs nearly as much as my Mixon 4.
Here is a list of the candidates I compiled so far, maybe someone tried to map them already and has some experience:
Pioneer CDJ400/850/900/2000; Reloop Contour; Behringer CMD PL1; DJ Tech Kontrol 1

I really like the Reloop contour, but I can’t find it anywhere.

thanks for your guys input!

This is a great post, I’d been looking for something similar, but hadn’t heard about some of the controllers in your list.

This doesn’t necessarily meet the “not breaking the bank” criteria, given that it costs roughly the same as the lc6000, but have you seen the dark fader TT? It’s a lovely looking thing and seems to be created by some real enthusiasts.

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Thanks for the input, but I would miss a big platter and play buttons on that. I had some luck shooting 2 of the cmd pl 1 for cheap. Am trying to map them atm.

as far as i know, there are exactly two options: lc 6000 (which are now easily available second-hand) - or an ipad on which you can operate the 4-deck mode digitally. i would strongly recommend trying out the digital version.

mapping of platter motions may be not possible, its a very complicated technology that is not offered by midi.

That’s great. I’m leaning towards the Denon or Behringer options too, but can’t find any for sale 2nd hand in the UK or Europe. Do you mind me asking where you found your PL1’s?

Well I got them on Kleinanzeigen a german version of craigslist. But I am not 100% convinced they are the ticket. especially the Platter… but I haven’t had much time lately to play around with them!

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BTW, in my list on the first post I am missing the cdjs 350 and they seem to sell for quite cheap on kleinanzeigen/craigslist (2 for the price of one lc 6000). Anyone tried these before, since pioneer seems to have a stable resell value it might be worth a shot?! And bonus, the are natively supported by Algoriddim!

@Hans_von_Freymacher, I did a quick search for CDJ 350 on this forum and there are several topics related to this hardware.

This one is the most recent. Perhaps you can reach out to this user for more feedback.

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