So frustrated with djay Pro 2

Along with my other tickets that have had no response from support, last night about 2 hours into my set, it just froze up. Had to switch back to the old application. This application has some serious issues and support is non-existent. Went to Apple to get a refund but it sent me here.

I can’t be the only one frustrated with the new version, really wish I could get a refund.

When your dealing with a product who professionals choose to use everything should be a priority before launch small browning pains os acceptable but full out not working issues is a whole different level

IMO the iPad Pro version is best

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I have a couple thoughts here.

  1. Anytime a brand new version comes out there will no doubt be some growing pains. I am playing a lot with DJay Pro 2 at home but have yet to actually do a gig with it as I know what I am getting with DJay Pro (1).

  2. With all that said I am excited about the advancements. In some cases it may seem like two steps forward and one back. But given that there have been a couple of quick updates to DJay Pro 2 that tells me they are working on it and taking feedback very seriously. I am also glad that they continue to develop the product.

  3. Just saying “it sucks” is a whole lot less helpful than crash reports or steps to reproduce and or specific details about your setup.

  4. My final thought is we did not pay Thousands or even Hundreds for this software. That does not mean we should not expect quality but it also means that every single query is not going to get “Gold Service” individual attention.

I totally get where you are coming from. That is why I continue to play with DJay pro 2 at home but haven’t yet decided to go prime time with it. I just want it to have little more flight time so something like that does not happen to me live.

With that said I hope you are able to get your money back if that is the direction you want to go. As a long time user I hope you would share more about the specifics so They can perhaps address it. I know it won’t help you but it might help the next guy.

Another thing I do is I have Djay Pro on an iphone on an aux input to my board so if something like that does happen I have a couple songs ready to go just incase a reboot is needed. It never hurts to be over prepared.

I am not affiliated with Algoriddim. But perhaps myself and others can help. What version of DJay do you have? And on What platform? I am on MAC and I do not see these issues. Assume Windows should be the same.

For Precueing to work you either need to split the out or have more than one audio device. I have an external sound card inaction to the built in one. I use built in for Pre-Cueing and External for main out.

Is your library iTunes or just a list of files? Are the wav files? OR Something else?

DJay Pro 1 is a mature product. I have both 1 and 2 and have not elected to use DJay Pro 2 in any Live event. However I do continue to “practice” with 1 not live.

We need to have a stable environment for gigs. But we are also appreciative of advancements.

IMHO (not that it matters) They should leave DJay Pro 1 available and offer a free upgrade to DJay Pro 2 anytime in the net 6 months for new purchasers.

The newbies should not have to bare the brunt of the growing pains. If they have a bad experience they will just go away, speak ill of the product and never return. I am hoping there is a way to keep them around and grow the base.

But one would be able to have two internal sound cards presumably. MY point was more that if you want cueing you need a place to “listen” so ether the sound stream gets split between playback and cueing or an additional sound card whether it be internal or external. But to you point I did not know that they did not support external SC in Windows. XP was the last windows I owned and have never looked back.

I just purchased the iPad version of DJAY Pro. I like it. I haven’t hooked it up to my controller yet but will continue to play with it. I noticed you use Studio 7 I tried to DL a trail but it crashes on importing my iTunes library. I left a support ticket and a comment in that forum. but in the mean time my 15 day trail clock is ticking. Do you still use this product? Do you find it valuable?

I would give them a day or so on the forum and then submit this directly to support email. This contains a lot of good information that I think would give them a place to look. Good writeup!

I have started using DJay Pro 2 it seems to be working for me. Because of the criticality I will tell you that I have 16 gig ram and amusing SSD. I can’t afford to I’ve it minimal effort and expect maximum performance. I know they have had a few updates since its initial release. This is what I am using. Have you guys seen an improvement? Do you “practice” at home or just show up and pray t all works? For me you cannot be too careful.

There has to be some verbal to account or thi issues you have seen and the others of us that have not experienced it. I know they have had a few updates since its initial release. Do you guys see an improvement?

I have started using DJay Pro 2 for actual events it seems to be working for me. Because of the criticality I will tell you that I have 16 gig ram and am using SSD. Because I can’t afford to give it minimal effort and just pray it works at an event I practice at home quite a bit to gain familiarity and verify performance. For me you cannot be too careful.

I have a similar setup. Mid 2012 with SSD and HDD. However I put all my songs on the SSD side. I have just shy of 5000 local songs so you have 4 times that. The only anomaly I have seen is one time just after firing it up. Before I went live a song was changing speed like I was tweaking BPM up and down. It has never done it again. I was unable to repeat it. I tried. I have used DJay Pro 2 for several gigs now some 8 hours at a time with no issues what so ever. I guess there are no guarantees but I trust it now.

Ben, Fellow user here, How much RAM do you have? You should not have to get a new mac just to run DJay Pro 2. I have a 2012 MAC but I have upgraded the ram from (2) 4 GB to (2) 8 GM for a total of 16 GB. It was not that expensive. To check ram . . Click on apple logo in upper left , then ‘about this mac’ then memory. Do you by chance have DJay Pro (1) and does it run fine? In some ways I almost still like DJay Pro more than Day Pro 2. Probably because that is what i cut my teeth on.

I am a fellow user. I too have an older 2012 MAC. I had some issues after Catalina but everything is working now. Let’s get some more information and perhaps the community can help. 1. Did it ever work? 2. What version of MACOS are you running? Click on the apple will tell you. What version of Day Pro 2? Are you loading songs directly from a file? Or are you pulling from Sound cloud or iTunes? If the songs are from file what kind are they. In the distant past I have seen exceptional high bitrate .wav files have issues. if iTunes does iTunes work (called music) in Catalina.

Let’s first make sure it is not the music that has the problem. I would first see if you can get them to play on iTunes (now called “music” in Catalina).  You mentioned that you could not. Are you dragging them from a drive that is “external” like plugged in to USB, a network drive or an optical cd drive? As a test copy them to your hard drive then try to get them to play on iTunes. Now instead of dragging the files to Djay Pro go into DJay pro and locate the files. These steps are not necessarily a fix just trying to see where it is broken.

Try logging out of iCloud and reboot. Then Log back into iCloud. Then Open the iCloud Drive and just double click an MP3 and see if it opens up in iTunes (Music). Until we can make that work all bets are off for DJay Pro 2. Apple changed a ton of stuff in Catalina. I would withhold judgement on Algoriddim until we actually see what the issue is. FWIW I was able to drag a folder with 4 MP3s from iCould on to DJay and they seem to work as expected. Also was there a number after the OSS status error? You might want to research that error. 

Hi guys,

we are very sorry to hear about your experiences.

Any further information about problems with djay Pro 2 would help us a lot.
Could you tell us post-per-post about your setup and the problem you faced.

Hi Kevin,

we are very sorry to hear that.
As Daniel Conder stated below, what exact version and setup (external controller…) are you working with?

Hey Valentina,

I am very sorry that the app froze.
Can you give us further information about your setup ( external controllers…),
the exact djay version and what library you were working with?

Also did the app shut down or did not react anymore?