So, they release ANOTHER new product before the problems with the old product is fixed... What is wrong with this company!!!

Absolutely unacceptable!

There is NO storage on an iPad and at many locations, there is no internet access, so Spotify will be useless…

Here is an idea… FOCUS on getting the PROFESSIONAL product correct!

Why I waste my time here is beyond me…!

I switched to Virtual DJ and I am much happier. Aldoriddim needs to step up the customer service and development. Until that happens I am done with them.

There is NO follow up with this company. They put something out and hope it works right. It’s been over a MONTH since we have anyone from the company on the forums.

I do this for a living, which is why I complain.

It’s a joke!

I do remember… and YES, Apple NEEDS to know about this!


It’s hard to dj PROFESSIONALLY on an iPad. Not that you can’t do it, just very difficult.

They left their pro product with major flaws and haven’t answered ANY support questions or forum questions in a month…

Absolutely terrible… and guess what, they don’t give a damn what we think.

There are NO beta releases out now. I am/was part of the testing team. They said NOTHING new until next year. SUCKS!

That was last month when they told me that… haha!

Support here is a joke.


That is BS! No support on the forums for over a month and then you ask for our PATIENCE!!!

What a bunch of CRAP!


I will find the post where they said that they would fix the problem with no support on the forums. They fix it for a month and then support is gone again.

This is a joke!

Terrible supports… months for updates…


The ONLY reason they are back is because I jumped them on their facebook page! Or, they would not be here.

At least we know why we got less reply’s. They were busy creating the new software.
Djay 2 got an upgrade, djay pro released. Nice.
Djay pro seems to work properly on my ipad air. Great midi suport for my beatpad.
Tried to hook it up to my Denon mc6000, but the ipad air does not support that controller. So i dont think you can hook it up with the bigger pioneer controllers.
I like the pro update for the ipad. This does make Djay even more fun to use.
I have not tried the video part. Maybe when spotify video gets added. But not for now.
Thank you algoriddim crew.

I understand your point. The ipad setup is my backup. I use pro on a macbook.

I have faith they wil join the forums again. Who knows the release another pro update that they are testing now.

Yeah i know about the beta releases, but they cant release beta’s for an OS that has not yet been released.

Its almost next year :wink:


I’m so sorry for the massive delay!
We are already aware of some performance bugs in the latest update but we’re already working on a fix for these bugs.
There will be another update before christmas!
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and kindly ask for patience in the meantime!

Best regards,

It appears to me that Algoriddim has no idea this forum even exists. if they do know and aren’t commenting, that’s even worse. As for me, I’m patiently waiting for Serato to come out with 1.9 where they are interfacing with Pulselocker who will have offline capabilities of song libraries.
thanks for your repeated attempts to reach out on our behalf but these folks are not in the conversation. might be a language thing??? Although I suspect a culture issue is at the root of the issue. example, look at VW’s latest attempt to fool the public into thinking that their technology is infallible… Failure…

Using Spotify for commercial purposes is a violation of their terms of service… You are aware of that, correct?

What is the gig with these folks? Still no response 24 hours later? Crazy, huh? Phil Morse from Digital DJ Tips just wrote an extremely in-depth review of the NEW software for the iPad. Would suggest you read and comment as I did…
He assured me that Algoriddim reads his posts. They should, He has about 200,000 followers from all over the world.…

DJ Ivan, it’s not that the software isn’t great, the problems occur when things don’t work. Crickets can be heard here on this forum when the company should, but doesn’t respond. This angers people. They should be monitoring all posts and responding/updating all when appropriate. They do NOTHING, Nada, zip…
Anyone can make a great product, a great company is on that communicates when users report issues.
Glad you haven’t run into any issues and hope you don’t because then you’ll experience what many of us have over several frustrating months of repeated attempts to engage Algoriddm on issues…

It is cheap for sure!. I’m sure that Spotify artists are going to figure out eventually that they’re not getting a cut of revenue made when DJ’s use Spotify for gigs…

Lukas, how could Algoriddim host this forum and not monitor it for MONTHS? You folks need to work on this issue and commit to communicate with your customers that have loyally supported you. Those once loyal fans are telling others about your lack of follow up and update issues. Bad news spreads fast. There are controls that you can put into place that will give you folks a heads up when issues arise and customers are having issues. Implement them. Questions on how to fix this? Reach out to me and ask for some help…

Thanks Scott, appreciate…
these folks are toast IMO.
Getting cold in Pittsburgh yet?