Some Spotify playlists aren't showing up in Djay Pro

I just purchased Djay Pro for I’m dj’ing at a wedding in a couple of days.
The playlist that was created (which works in Spotify standalone) isn’t showing up from within the Djay app, while all the other ones I had before are there.
To test, I created a new playlist from scratch and added a few of the songs from the wedding playlist, rebooted Djay and still, that new playlist I just created isn’t there.
I need to figure this out asap. thanks!

Join and vote for 2014 request “Please Allow Spotify OFFLINE”…

also seems as though collaborative playlists are a no-go

djay Pro won’t show up playlists containing offline files. Are there any in your playlists?

We’ll definitely have a look into that. Thank you vey much for the update!

Ok so wait a second, and this following up on my initial post, I was able to get a wi-fi connection at the event I dj’d at. However, when you say 'offline tracks are not supported in Djay with Spotify", you’re basically saying, you need an internet connection at all times, which to me, completely defeats the purpose of it all.
Also not some small limitation that was made clear (at all) when deciding to fork out the $50 for Djay Pro (after having bought the original last year).

So, correct me if my assumption is wrong (which is unlikely)

Spotify “Offline tracks/Playlist” means you can listen to your tunes anywhere anytime.
This seemingly awesome “of course not every club/venue/wedding/party will give you wifi access” feature is NOT supported in Djay Pro?
I basically cannot save a playlist to offline mode so that I can dj a party with peace of mind should there not be any internet there, at least not with this new Djay+Spotify package.


Still waiting for the official word that indeed, offline tracks are not supported and an internet connection is always needed with Djay Pro.
I’m almost giddy with excitement waiting for this confirmation.

And no, we shouldn’t have to ‘vote’ for such a basic, no-brainer function.
More than half the venues I’ve dj’d at do not have internet, and if they do, it’s password protected and/or don’t just randomly give out the code to Joe-Dj on a thursday night.

I have the same issue. I just created a new playlist to use at a party and made sure there are no offline files in it - neither from my harddrive, nor from “saved offline” playlists in spotify. Still, even though I refreshed the library, the playlists don’t show up in the spotify playlists column. Please address this asap or the party will be quite tricky to handle. :frowning:

Okay, follow up to this: After I accessed in order to check if the playlists sychronized properly to my account (they did) and hitting refresh on the library menu the missing playlists magically appeared. I suspect some API issue on the side of spotify here. Adrian, you guys may want to check with their support on that issue?



I really hope, djay would support local offline files in spotify

Hi terje,

please note the thread is nearly one year old, a lot changed since then.

Could you tell us in detail which playlists you are missing, would be great if you could attach a screenshot of your djay Spotify implementation and of your Spotify app.

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Sazzle,

sorry for the late reply. For direct help please contact

Lukas E.

No answer from Algoriddim ?

Please please please could someone help me to get my spotify playlist to show in DJ Pro? I have to DJ tomorrow at a wedding and can’t get my playlist! It is there in spotify but won’t show up on the deck.

bla bla oofline playlist support now thats it…if you dj pro license and spotify premiun…what else are we supose to need…stop been there doing nothing and do what you have to do…

I am also having the same issue. I can not see my playlists anymore

same here, not playlists available. I can only see the browse section


Turn off collaborative playlist off on the settings just figured it out ,and turn offline for 10 mins and come out of the app and turn offline back on .

Sorry on the actual playlist settings