Song title scrolling

Song title scrolling - I have several versions of the same song for various performances and can’t see which version since the titles are so long. Can Djay be updates to allow the song titles to scroll when selected to see the entire title?

+1 for this one too, specially for Spotify songs

+1 one on this . I’m finding it really hard to read my DJ playlist titles in the landscape browser. I wish they were resizable by dragging the bars . An option to turn off playlist icons which appear to the left. They take up so much space…


Thank you for getting in touch. 

We added this suggestion to our user request list.

Thank you for sharing.

Lukas E.

+1 also from my side. As I download everything from Bandcamp in wave and the artist are really bad to make good tags it would be nice to see the artist in an VA compilation. Atm I only see the VA - Name because it’s to long
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