Songs in transition

I have recently began having an issue with syncing songs and transitioning. As one song ends the record appears to slow down, speed up or change BPM. The song in transition seems to keep tempo with the exiting song until it finishes and then returns back to the correct BPM. I thought it might have been my controller but I tested the app without the controller and had the same issue. This issue also is a problem with the app on my iPhone. Anyone else have this issue or know how to resolve it? I’ve updated all my devices to no avail. Please help as I have two very important events coming up soon.

I think i reported the same thing in this:…

I noticed the same thing on my ipad. I’m not sure what that is but it is annoying.

I think you’re right. I’m sure they’ll take care of it

Oh, I have no doubt that they’ll fix it. They’re really good about that

For now, there is another option… dont use the sync button. Match songs with the pitch faders

Me too.

Seems to be a result of two things …

  1. The extremely tight sync (great job by the way)
  2. The beat gridding of some songs going off on some songs as they fade out

for an example of this try It Aint Me by Kygo or Thats What I Like by Bruno Mars from Spotify … songs go on and last beat is not marked so sync seems to assume song suddenly goes half speed

Was thinking the same thing. Pitch fader and using the sides of the jog-wheels for slight adjustments to match 'em up. I learned old-school, no sync, so I had nothing to add as a solution, lol…except what you mentioned.

I’m having the same problem myself…not good during a set. The last time I reported a problem it was dealt with so be patient as the guys at algoriddim do their best and want to please us as customers

Just to add I dealt with a guy called Lucas when I emailed the last update problem and he was very helpful. Hope we get an update soon

After all it’s gotta be the best DJ TOOL for an iPad, I haven’t found a better app so I’m a loyal customer

Latest response from the team (lukas) said it might be because I’m using line faders not cross faders. I only use cross faders…awaiting a response.

To all concerned. I’ve managed to capture the the problem with synced tracks speeding up in transition etc on video and have forwarded the clip to Algoriddim support to see if it helps them establish the problem.
Will keep all concerned with any response I get but hopefully we will get an iOS update rectifying the problem soon.

Thanks Matt, I’m actually doing that for now and appreciate your advice. They are very helpful at Algoriddim but the more people get involved in not being happy with the latest update the quicker they will get things sorted as nobody wants a forum full of negative reviews.
But I do appreciate your help and thanks for sharing it with us,

Agreed. A week is a long time to wait but I’ve been assured by Lukas that the matter is being dealt with via email. I’ve sent a video clip to help solve the problem.
I’ve found that using the beat loop causes the problem or letting a track finish to the end using the sync button so I haven’t been letting tracks run to the end.
I keep my eye on the synced lines and if I see it go out of sync I very quickly tap the sync button off and on again before it has chance to play out of sync.
I’m frustrated as much as everybody else but I also think that DJAY 2 and all the products that Algoriddim have Is without doubt the best DJ app out there.
So before moving to another hardware choice give them a chance. I’m sure we will have an update by the end of the week.
DJ Mikey B.

Thanks Matt. We are all frustrated by the latest update but I have faith in Algoriddim and I’ve been kept informed by Lukas regarding the problem and progress. We’ve just got to have a bit of patience and go back to old skool style mixing.

As patient as I am I think waiting a month for a solution is getting ridiculous. At least keep us informed!!!

Well it takes a lot to p_ss me off but it’s now in its 3rd month and despite an update that hasn’t even solved the problems that we have been experiencing over this duration as a PAID customer. Tracks are jumping out of sync when using the loop function, especially at the lower end i.e x2 etc.
I’ve been so patient and asking others to do the same on here. Give the guys a chance I’ve been saying and where has it got me… not very far at all.
No official communication from Algoriddim on the forum except Lukas asking us to send a video clip of the problems of which I did.
I’ve even deleted the app and had to reload over 3000 tracks and lost all cue points.
It’s just not on now. My next step is going to be getting in touch with apple and find out where I stand legally. I even bought djay pro after one bad update. I’ve spent good money with Algoriddim and think even though they don’t have a 12 month guarantee so to speak. They do have an obligation to provide a working useful update.
Trust me when I say I hate moaning like this but power to the people and if they started having to reimburse us all I’m sure things would be dealt with. We all need to make the point that without customers a product is useless.
So if I’m not the only one feeling this way please have my back and comment yourselves about it and let them know. I’ve recommended Algoriddim to so many others like myself who’s Mrs was getting sick of all the vinyl taking over the house.
It’s a great app but enough is enough…am I right?

I agree more reliable and bugs are fixed so quickly

You did. It’s the same exact issue I’m having. Apparently a number of other individuals are experiencing the same problem. I think something happened with the last updated version. Algoriddim needs to fix it.