Songs momentarily freeze

Songs momentarily freeze. In Automix songs momentarilay freeze. The turntable stops rotating during the freeze. The error is randam and can not be reproduced at the same places. Seems like a buffering issue. It was much worse in one of the 3.xx versions yet after the upgrade problems remain. Running from internal hardisk and cable via headphone output to amplifier

Djay 4.05
Macbook 2.16Ghz Intel Core Duo 2Gb 667 MHz

Wanted to chime in here…

I’ve been using djay for about three years now. First with the original djay for Mac and then since it’s release djay Pro for Mac.

I had never had an issue at all, at least in live performances, until I upgraded to Pro version 1.2.

Then all of a sudden songs started stuttering, changing speeds randomly, starting a transition too early, etc during autoplay mode.

Have also had an issue where a song will load on to the deck but then won’t play at all. Will have to eject the track, load another track, eject it, and then load the original song again and it will play.

I’ve had many nit picky issues with djay Pro that luckily hadn’t effected live performances …slow searches, won’t play DRM similar to djay, playlists magically truncating… but this new issue really bites.

I love you algoriddim but this relationship is starting to become toxic and you know what they say about toxic relationships…

BTW this is with all local files, wifi turned off, on a MBPretina w/ quad core & 16GB of RAM …there should be no playback issues!!!

Hallo Allesandro,

No, no changes to the songs within itunes other then i have sound check on.

I never had this problem until I upgraded to djay pro 1.2 from 1.1.3, wish i could go back to 1.1.3.

Last night had the issue where a song just stopped playing and wouldn’t restart until I ejected the song and reloaded it.

Very frustrating :frowning:

It is super frustrating, especially since updates are so far and few between.

What I haven’t looked into is trying to down grade to the last stable version of dajy pro which at least for me was 1.1.3.

What’s especially frustrating is that not only is it happening in automix, which is bad enough, but it’s started happening in my weekly trivia shows just playing song after song :frowning:

Since Mountain Lion , the Djaa 4.0.6 freeze also… But after analyze I found that coreaudio switch between Optical digital-out port and Internal Speaker.

This issue is still occurring. (Nov 2016).

It has nothing to do with Automix. It has nothing to do with Spotify tunes only, although with Spoify loading, it seems to happen moreoften, however, I’ve gotten this error loading my MP3s as well.

The issue: A selected live playing tune suddenly stops playing or stops loading or loads too slowly.

The solution: Algoriddim has still not offered comment or a solution rendering DJay 2 an unprofessional piece of software and cannot be used at any real show or gig. If a DJ controller app consistently has the same error and the manufacturer offers no solution, time to move to another company.

I’ll do my best to catch a video of it occurring, but it’s intermittent and I cannot recreate the issue.

I sent my email offer. Hoping for a fix. Thanks

I also have the same problem also while playing latin music.

It does not really happen often - I would say once per night - but it is kind of sad when you have to use other software for situations where the music simply cannot freeze, like dance choreographies for example.

I am willing to help you in any way I can - I do play quite often - so let’s get this fixed please - or I will simply acknowledge that I wasted 50 EUR (I bought the Pro version because I hoped it would fix this issue) and I will start using some other software.

Hi Warren,

I am not using any external drive and I am using an external sound card (Sweex SC016) as Main Ouput and Built-in Output for Pre-Cueing.
As Alessandro and Rain I am using Automix queue a lot as a placeholder. Being a Salsa DJ I also have a lot of music with spanish characters all over the place. I have quite a large collection of music that I use within Djay Pro all of which comes from within iTunes.
A hint might also be that the UI is/was very slow for me with both Djay as well as Djay Pro. There is a considerable lag whenever you try to scroll through the list of the songs or when you switch to the app from another app for example.

My MacBook parameters are:

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013)
OS X Yosemite 10.10.2
Processor: 2,4 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB

I think we might be onto something with the spanish characters in filenames as all three of us are apparently using a lot of tracks with those characters everywhere.


Reinstalling OS X and updating to the last version of djay Pro resolved the issue for me… I have experienced the issue only once in several months.

This might mean two things… Either there was something wrong with my OS X or there was some other application interfering with djay.

Hi all,

I have been experiencing some (although much less) stutter even since the reinstallation. It seems I was too quick to say that reinstalling the OS fixed it.

I am not using Spotify at all so it’s probably something else.


I didn’t read all the mails on this topic, but I think the freezing just has to do with a slow internet connection. I use djay 2 with spotify on my Ipad retina. I am now on holiday in France with a slow wifi connection and I get freezing all the time, at home in Holland I have no problems, I guess because of a good wifi connection. I hope this will help…

You can try it out, since djay 2 is not too expensive. But, you need either a Griffin dj cable ( a splitter, one mono output for the sound system and one output for the headphones) or a Griffin dj connect/Traktor audio connect, these soundcards also split, but with these, the output for the audio system is stereo. Take a look on for reviews. These cards cost around 100 dollar.
I would probably recomment the traktor (with power adaptor) since it also powers the ipad, and so you don t have to be worried if your ipad will make it through the gig. But first check whether if you also have the freezing problem. I wouldn’t risk that for a gig.

Oops I meant the Traktor audio 2

What is your line up “djmagicmoments”? Perhaps there’s a difference between Djay pro or Djay 2? I still think the freezing over here has to do with slow wi-fi…
I have never used the cloud btw…

I have arrived home today and I have tested Djay 2 on my Ipad with good Wi-Fi and everything works fine, the songs of spotify load quickly and no freezing occurs.

Mine froze last night for a few seconds. I was doing a mix, don’t remember exactly, I think I was setting a cue point. I was also using the Denon MC6000 MKII.

I should mention that I’m not using spotify, just playing from local files.

Froze tonight for a couple seconds, it can be heard in this recording at about 1:24:00…Just playing local files from the internal solid state hard drive. Using version DJay Pro 1.2